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American Idol: Carly Smithson Claims Girls Have More Of A Struggle

April 25, 2008 09:29 PM by Joe Reality

Carly Smithson And Syesha MercadoThere are numerous theories circulating as to why Carly Smithson was eliminated from American Idol. In fact, we compiled a list of the top ten possible reasons for her surprise exit from the competition. During a media call, Carly Smithson spoke out on at least one of the theories circulating.

When asked about Randy Jackson’s theory that popularity was a factor, Carly Smithson said, “I agree a little bit. I think that you know I kind of started out on the show with some bad press, and I don’t think it really helped me that much. But I think you know early on people accumulate their fan base, so you know every week I gave as good as I could, and I enjoyed every moment on the show, I really did.”

Carly Smithson also added that the male finalists were making it a tough competition this year. Carly explained, “But you know, I think the boys this year as well, I said this in my Idol Extra exit you know, and Michael Johns actually came to it, and I said you know the boys this yearâ⬔women vote for this show you know it’s obvious and you know they vote for the boys. The boys are adorable and I definitely feel that the girls had more of a struggle this year with trying to get the popularity vote. I think the boys are definitely charming the females a lot, and they’re very talented too. Everyone’s very talented, but I think it was definitely a bit of a struggle for the ladies.”

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