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Carly Smithson Calls American Idol Bubble Weird

April 26, 2008 11:51 AM by Joe Reality

Michael Becker/FOXCarly Smithson was the second major shocking elimination among the American Idol 7 top 12 finalists. During the Andrew Lloyd Webber week performance show, Carly had impressed the judges with her performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” In regards to her last performance, Carly said, “I had fun, and I think maybe it was too late, but I realized not to take everything so seriously. You know early on in the show they had set the standard so high for me, and they were a lot harder on me than other contestants and I think it kind of got to me for a maybe a few weeks, and I think by the time I met Mariah Carey I had kind of changed my mind. She was just so cool and so normal and so nice.”

Carly maintained a calm, cool, and collected disposition after learning that she was in the bottom two. When asked what went through her head, Carly said, “I think at this stage we’re all kind of,we’re in the top six, and I feel that everybody was kind of thinking that they were going to go home. Not one person feels safe anymore, and we’re all just so grateful for the experience. I know I feel like American Idol has given me such a gift, such a platform to be able to launch myself off of, and no more theme songs. I’m actually, I’m not that sad to be leaving. I enjoyed every minute thoroughly, but you know we’re back in two weeks to start preparing for the tour and the finale. So it’s like a small break and I’m going to be back. I think anywhere after top ten is just a bonus. I think I made enough of an impact to be able to reach a good fan base, and now I get to be just me without a theme night and make a really cool record. So I’m excited.”

In regards to how well she handled her elimination, Carly Smithson said, “I mean, everybody keeps asking me why I’m not like devastated and bawling, crying for being eliminated, because now I’m free to go make a record and to start writing and all that kind of stuff and be with my husband and you know hang out in the real world you know, because the Idol bubble is kind of weird.”

Carly Smithson also added, “I’m so happy and I just feel like I’ve just been given the greatest gift ever to be on the show and to be able to experience everything that I did and learn everything that I did. I feel like I went out on a high note and I enjoyed every minute of Tuesday and Wednesday night.”

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Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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