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American Idol: Carly Smithson Says She Remembered All The Words

April 27, 2008 01:03 AM by Joe Reality

Carly SmithsonAfter Carly Smithson’s results show performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” Ryan Seacrest told her, “Great job.” Then, Carly turned to Ryan and said, “I remembered all the words.”

Some viewers took Carly Smithson’s comment as being directed toward Brooke White, who had forgotten her words and restarted her song during her performance of “You Must Love Me.” It would make sense that Carly might be a little upset that she was in the bottom two, while Brooke was safe even after making a major mistake during her song. However, it turns out that Carly’s comment was not meant to be directed at Brooke White at all.

During a recent media call, Carly explained that she was actually talking about herself when she made that comment to Ryan Seacrest. Carly said, “Oh, yes. That song was last minute. When I sang for Andrew Lloyd Webber I’d learned the other song, ‘All I Ask of You,’ and there’s a lot of words in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ so, yes, I fumbled on a few of the lyrics. And I was coming up to the performance and I was talking to Andrew in the back. I knew all the words in the moment, but I knew as soon as I got on the stage I was going to fumble a few, and I was so irritated at myself when I got off the stage. Last night I got them all right, but I did change one and Andrew knew about it. But I called Simon the king of the crop instead of the pick of the crop, but that was on purpose. I thought that would be funny.”

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