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Big Brother 9: Adam Jasinski Wins!

April 27, 2008 06:49 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-adam-resized-cast-photo.jpgIt was the first ever winter edition of summer’s guiltiest pleasure. Thanks to the Hollywood writer’s strike, Big Brother 9 premiered with 16 houseguests and a new twist – coupling the players up. But after just a few eliminations, the couples were split and the game became individual. After many tears, lies, betrayals and laughs, only two remained – Ryan and Adam. Tonight, the seven jury members were set to cast their votes live for the winner of the $500,000; second place taking $50,000.

But tonight money was flying everywhere since a twist was that one of the seven jury members would be taking home a prize of $25,000 after America voted online for their favorite juror.

But before the votes were made, Sheila went to the sequester house as the last member of the jury. After she arrived, Sheila told the other six jury members that Adam had stabbed her in the back. After she had vowed to be true to Adam till the end, she was fully prepared to vote for Ryan. It seemed like a toss up.

Then, each member of the jury was given the chance to ask the final two a question – and it wasn’t pretty. Both Ryan and Adam were hit hard with questions including why they lied, what they would do with the money and why one deserved it more than the other. Adam proved to be a much better talker than Ryan, but he often answered very defensively and angrily.

After they each responded, the jury all agreed that it was a tough decision on who to vote for as the most deserving.

Host Julie Chen then introduced the seven jury members outside of the house where a small studio audience was assembled (including several past players). One at a time, each of the jurors went up to the voting booth and placed their votes for the winner in the box.

Following the vote, the first six evicted from the house returned for a small reunion. Neil, however, one player who left the game for unknown reasons, was the only one not on hand. As for the early evictees, the only real chat came from Jen and Allison. Jen was asked how she felt about Allison and she said that her feelings hadn’t changed – she doesn’t care for her. That’s because, according to Jen, Allison thought she would be a better match for her boyfriend (Ryan). Speaking of relationships, over to Matt and Natalie. Natalie, who had fallen for her partner in the game, had no idea of all the comments he had made about her. So he apologized to her in advance before she went home and did her own Big Brother marathon to see how the season played out.

It came time for the live reveal of the votes. It was Adam Jasinski crowned the winner, taking home $500,000 (He got six of the seven votes). Then the final two, for the first time in months, left the house for good and came out to a cheering crowd. Adam promised to do some good with his victory and said $100,000 of his money will be going to the United Autism Fund.

After voting for nearly an hour, America had their say – they voted that James, was the favorite juror and he was given $25,000.

Another end to a long, dramatic season, but for Big Brother fans, the show will be returning for another twisted summer when season 10 premieres on July 13.

See you then,

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