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Extreme Makeover Home Edition Helps Family Who Helps The Homeless

April 27, 2008 01:15 AM by Joe Reality

Extreme Makeover Home EditionIn an interesting twist, Extreme Makeover Home Edition builds a new home for a family that is actively involved in helping the homeless. Ty Pennington and his team travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet the Martinez family.

The Martinez family lives in a run-down duplex. Gerald Martinez moved to Albuquerque with his wife, Liesa, and seven kids to take a job at a church. Gerald has helped the church become a refuge for the needy and homeless, offering a cafÃ, daycare service, and working bathroom.

The area that the Martinez family lives in is a dangerous neighborhood with crime, drug deals, and prostitution. Gerald has even been attacked by someone wielding a glass bottle in front of his own home.

Through Gerald’s hard work, he has helped lower the crime rate in the area. The neighborhood is now known as “God’s block.” Gerald has also bought two other duplexes to be used as “Mission Outposts” for the needy. While the Martinez family have been helping others, they have run into their own financial difficulties. The Martinez family does not have enough space for themselves and don’t even own a stove. They have to utilize hot plates for their cooking.

Ty Pennington, his designers, local builder Atreus Homes & Communities and volunteers and workers will help to build a better and safer home for the Martinez family. The design team includes Michael Moloney, Tanya McQueen, Paige Hemmis and Ed Sanders. A special two-hour episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition will air on Sunday, April 27 from 7 PM to 9 PM ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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