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Dancing with the Stars: Cristian Dances Through the Pain!

April 28, 2008 09:12 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Cristian-de-la-Fuente-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCIt’s hard to believe we’ve only got three weeks to go in the competition, but the dancers, who’re charged with performing two dances tonight are feeling the heat as the end of the competition draws near. Each dancer must take on one ballroom and one Latin dance.

We begin with Marissa & Tony, who are coming out of the gate with a Tango. “I cannot believe that I am still in this competition,” Marissa says. Though she struggles somewhat with getting into character while in rehearsal, Marissa has no problem bringing out the sexy when it matters. Len says he has three words for her: “Your best dance!” Bruno liked the drama and passion, and Carrie Ann says that Marissa’s “rough road” has turned out something good. Marissa & Tony receive a 27 for their Tango.

For their second dance, Marissa & Tony perform a Rumba. Bruno admits that their Rumba was “sweet,” but says he likes a Rumba to be a little “more dirty.” Carrie Ann tells the couple that they gave her goosebumps, but Len is unimpressed, saying the whole thing felt too careful, with not enough hip action. They score a 25 for their Rumba, bringing their overall score for the night to a 52 out of 60.

Next up are Cristian & Cheryl. “All I really want is to have my shot at the title,” Cristian says. During rehearsal, he gets a little dancing in with his daughter, Laura, who helps him learn how to be a prince. Cristian & Cheryl’s first dance is a Viennese Waltz. Bruno thinks the interplay was brilliant. Carrie Ann calls them “very graceful,” but claims they lacked energy. Len thinks the dance lacked technically, but liked the romance about it. The judges give a combined score of 25.

For their second dance, Cristian & Cheryl are all over an energetic Samba. But something happens to Cristian toward the end of it, and he’s left stumbling around the stage holding his arm. He even misses the final pose and stumbles over Cheryl, half-dropping her to the stage! After the dance, Tom hurries out to see what’s going on, and Cristian mumbles something about a pulled muscle. We go to commercial quickly and come back to find Cristian with a giant bandage wrapped around his arm. The judges don’t know what to say about the dance, as they can only judge him based on the part that was danced up to the injury. All three are simply empathetic and give him props for sticking in there with Cheryl, even through the pain. The judges give Cristian’s Samba a 21, for a combined total of 46 out of 60. We later find out that Cristian has been taken to the hospital for evaluation of a possible severe muscle cramp.

Kristi & Mark are up next. In rehearsal, Mark is stressing out about having to get two dances completed in one week. But Kristi is cool about it. “I know pressure and intense training and I thrive on it,” she says. But her Viennese Waltz didn’t thrive in the opinions of at least one of the judges. Carrie Ann gives Kristi credit for taking the risk of using a prop (an umbrella), but criticizes one of her turns, which was off. Bruno thought the prop worked, but Len thought the whole thing fell flat. The judges give the Samba a 26.

For their second dance, Kristi & Mark do a Cha Cha Cha. Len, still being “Mr. Crankypants,” as Tom calls him, liked the middle part, but was turned off by “that boogaloo hip-hop dance.” But Bruno and Carrie Ann don’t agree. Bruno resorts to pounding the judging table and Carrie Ann gives Kristi “three snaps up!” The score for Kristi’s Cha Cha Cha is a 28, bringing Kristi & Mark’s total to 54 out of 60.

Next to take the stage are Mario & Karina. Mario’s got three dances to learn this week: two for DWTS and one for his new hip hop video. “It’s a lot of hard work and I’m just gonna keep bustin’ my butt,” he says. First, Mario & Karina perform a Foxtrot. Len applauds Mario for dancing with “great maturity for a 21-year old,” but complains that there’s not enough elegance in his moves. Bruno thinks Mario brings “youthful vitality” to the stage, but is not controlled enough for a Foxtrot. And Carrie Ann complains that he’s not “stiff enough.” Overall, Mario’s Foxtrot gets a 24 from the judges.

Next on Mario’s list is a Mambo. Bruno says the devil was in Mario’s hips during the dance. Carrie Ann claims the Mambo set the place on fire, and Len tosses out three W’s: wild, wacky, wonderful! The judges’ score of 27 pushes Mario & Karina’s overall score up to a 51 out of 60.

Shannon & Derek are next in line, with apologies for everyone. “We made a mistake,” Shannon says, talking about their venting on camera last week. “We’re both very sorry.” Derek makes the decision to put friendship aside when training this week, which rubs Shannon the wrong way. The two of them bicker during rehearsals. But it’s worth it when they come out with their Tango, which Bruno calls “fascinating.” Carrie Ann claims it’s their “best dance yet,” and Len says, “I thought you did a terrific job!” The scores add up to a 27.

The couple follows it up with a Mambo, which all of the judges criticize for being “awkward” and “gangly,” although Len does praise Shannon’s “Bionic bum!” The score for Shannon’s Mambo is a 24, bringing their overall score to a 51 out of 60.

Last in line tonight are Jason & Edyta. “All I wanna do is win,” Jason says. They choose a Quickstep for their first dance. Carrie Ann calls Jason “larger-than-life” during this dance, and Bruno agrees, adding that this is “the performance of the night!” Len tells Jason, “With performances like that, you’re in the final!” They give a near-perfect score of 29.

Jason & Edyta’s second dance is a Paso Doble, a strange dance performed to the Monday Night Football theme song. Len criticizes them for “too much posing.” But Bruno calls Jason the “master and commander,” and Carrie Ann says it was “unconventional,” but still “fantastic!” The judges score Jason & Edyta’s Paso Doble a 26, giving them a total of 55 out of 60 tonight.

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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