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American Idol: Paul Abdul, Oh My God I Thought You Sang Twice

April 29, 2008 06:41 PM by Joe Reality

Paula AbdulPaula Abdul has been way overdue for some crazy behavior on this season of American Idol. During American Idol’s Neil Diamond week, Paula Abdul finally delivered, big time. At the top of the show, Ryan Seacrest announced, “We’re going to do things a little differently tonight. The contestants will be judged after their second song, ok.”

However, midway through the show, Ryan Seacrest asked the judges to provide feedback after only one song had been sung by each of the finalists. After Randy Jackson provided his feedback, Paula Abdul said, “Oh gosh, we’ve never had to write these things down fast enough. Jason, the first song, I loved hearing your lower register, which we never really hear. The second song, I felt like your usual charm was missing for me, it kind of left me a little empty. The two songs made me feel like you’re not fighting hard enough to get into the top four.”

As the audience started giggling, Randy Jackson interrupted, “That was just on the first song, though, just on the first one.” Then, Paula Abdul exclaimed, “Oh my God, I thought you sang twice.” As the audience laughed again, Ryan Seacrest said, “Just once, but Paula, you’re seeing the future, baby, you’re seeing the future, she’s coming back.” Paula Abdul protested, “This is hard.”

Then Simon Cowell interrupted to ask Paula Abdul who was her favorite. Paula said, “You know what, I’m looking at, it’s your notes, David, you’re fantastic, and it was the song that wasn’t known.”

But Paula Abdul wasn’t through yet. After Syesha Mercado sang her second song, Paula delivered once again. Paula said, “Brooke, I didn’t get to say anything on the first song or second, so I’m going to say it quickly.” Not only was Paula Abdul having trouble remembering how many songs the contestants had sung, but she was also having trouble remembering who they were, as she identified Syesha as Brooke. After Paula Abdul finished her rambling review of Syesha, Simon Cowell summed up the night perfectly. Simon said, “By the way, this is officially the strangest show we’ve ever done.”

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2 Responses to “American Idol: Paul Abdul, Oh My God I Thought You Sang Twice”

  1. ajmoor Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    I think something more sinister was revealed there. The contestants do dress rehersals for their songs, and Paula had probably scribbled notes after hearing both of Jason’s songs in rehersal, knowing that she would have to remember her thoughts on live TV. But once the live show started, she was so addled, she wasn’t aware she was only supposed to be talking about the first song. Kinda makes one wonder if the judges are really hearing the songs for the first time when they are on live TV.

  2. doryphor Says:
    April 29th, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    yeah, I totally agree. I always thought that the judges were responding to live performances. Paula’s goof revealed that they write the script before the idols even sing! that was soooo depressing.


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