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Dancing With the Stars: Shannon’s Shown the Door!

April 29, 2008 07:44 PM by Candace Young

Jason-EdytaAs the Dancing With the Stars contestants face the prospect of another pair leaving on tonight’s results show, Tom and Samantha refer to the previous evening’s show as the ‘most dramatic’ of the series so far! Not surprisingly Len tells the audience that he really wants to see Jason and Edyta’s quick step again! In a fabulous suit and pink tie, Jason leads Edyta, in tropical pink floral, around the floor once again to the “Dirty Boogie”! After the judges’ marks the previous evening the rankings are as follows:

6th Place: Christian and Cheryl – They lament the incident with Christian’s arm. “It’s tough.”

4th Place (tie): Shannon and Derek – “Life’s awesome! Just live it!” declares Derek.

4th Place (tie): Mario and Karina

3rd Place: Marissa and Tony – “I never would have thought I would have got my first three 9′s without my big hair!” Marissa laughs.

2nd Place: Kristi and Mark – “We’ll take it!”

1st Place: Jason and Edyta – “Omigod that’s great!” exclaims Jason!

Len, at this point, announces that some of the couples have been pushing the limits of the definition of a lift, so they have decided to allow one lift on the next show as long as it is appropriate to the style of the dance. Immediately following this popular decision, Kristi and Mark are the first couple to be declared safe!

‘Dance Center’ is in session next, with Len, Jerry Rice and Kenny Mayne ‘breaking down’ the contestants. First up they decide to call Mario “poopy” because they have underwear older than him! Len suggests that he has youth and energy on his side. Next up – the leggy Shannon Elizabeth who they depict hitting Derek in the ‘man area’ during a practice! Then the spotlight is turned on Christian, “the heartthrob”. Len declares him to be a true all ’rounder! They mock a few of his facial expressions, before Len refers to the arm issue as a “wait and see” situation.

Def-LeppardWithout further ado, the stage lights up with special effects and shooting smoke plumes as Def Leppard takes the stage and plays their eighties anthem hit, “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. Dressed in matrix-like black vinyl costumes pro dancers Tony Dovolani, Karina Smirnoff, Louis Van Amstel, Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas and Anna Trebunskaya perform an edgy group Paso Doble much to the audience’s delight!

Back in Dance Center, Kristi is complimented for her experience in performing routines, and they joke that her hubby is happy with her learning to ‘loosen up’! Marissa is on the hot seat next, being referred to as one of the loudest performers ever on Dancing With the Stars! Len remarks that she is improving every week, however, and they comment on Tony’s amazing chest! Last, they move on to Jason Taylor, who they call “big baldy”! Len says he’s a charmer, and the others agree that he could go all the way. They tease that he has a problem with flatulence and show clips to back up the claim!

Time to reveal another couple who is safe – it’s Mario and Karina! This news is followed by another powerful tune from Def Leppard. This time, they perform the new song, “Nine Lives” from their latest album, “Songs From the Sparkle Lounge”! Dancing along with the pounding, melodious rock are the U.S. National American Rhythm Champions in hot red and black costumes perfect for the heavy metal vibe!

Shannon-ElizabethAs the elimination continues, Tom teases the final four couples on the podium by going to a break! Afterward, Tom invites Christian and Cheryl to talk about the arm injury. Christian explains that he ruptured a tendon, and a few hours ago, he got results of an MRI that told doctors he will need surgery. However, he explains that the doctor will allow him to delay the surgery if he would like to continue to dance! Tom notes the risk, but Christian says he’s up for it! Suddenly, Tom announces that they are safe! Samantha then declares Marissa and Tony to be in the bottom two. Jason and Edyta are told they are safe, which leaves Shannon and Derek also in the bottom two. After a few moments of anticipation, Shannon and Derek are told they will be leaving the show. Shannon says the show has been “amazing and she has made a friend for life” in Derek. Derek tells Tom that Shannon has been a fun and entertaining dance partner. They perform for the last time as Dancing With the Stars closes.

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One Response to “Dancing With the Stars: Shannon’s Shown the Door!”

  1. realitytvfan Says:
    April 30th, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    I wonder if they will tape Christian’s arm to his chest next week? It should be an interesting show, watching Cheryl dance around her injured partner, trying not to hit the floor too many times as he drops her!



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