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The Bachelor Breaks a Heart in Barbados

April 29, 2008 06:17 AM by Christine McDow

bachelor-matt-with-roses.jpgThis episode of The Bachelor: London Calling was set in the romantic destination spot of Barbados where Matt went on dream dates with the three remaining ladies – Shayne, Amanda and Chelsea. These were the long awaited overnight dates in the private suites where America is always left wondering what really went on behind closed doors.

The first date was once again the longest shown to us and probably the one with the most layers. As it has been lately, this date belonged to Shayne and Matt commented to the cameras that all his worries about her intentions have faded. During this date he wanted to just put the other girls out of his mind and enjoy his time with Shayne. We got to watch the couple play and connect in the water surrounding the island. During their date they rode wave runners, went to a trampoline that was in the water where Shayne did the splits for Matt, and climbed a type of floatation rock wall apparatus. Of course there was a lot of kissing and cuddling as well.

shayne-face-shot.jpgThat evening they went to their private dinner where Matt told Shayne about his conversation with her mother regarding watching spouses who happen to be actors making out with other people on screen. Shayne told him that when you kiss it is in no way romantic, and that there are people around posing and telling you what to do. She also tells him that you don’t use your tongue which he says is rubbish. She tries to demonstrate with him but he doesn’t cooperate and uses his tongue.

He then pulls out the fantasy suite card. After a delay by Shayne, where she purposely left him wondering, Shayne says yes. They go to their suite, which in my opinion was the best suite of the night. Rose petals lined the floor, huge rooms and even a private pool that they swam in together. Matt said that the only thing that kept it from being a perfect night, is knowing that there are two other woman waiting to have dates with him.

The next day Matt meets up with Amanda so that they can concur their fear of heights and go zip lining. They have a great time and Amanda admits that she knows this is her last chance to tell Matt how she feels. She knows she needs to open up and is nervous about the fantasy suite because she is afraid he won’t want to go with her.

bachelor-amanda.jpgDuring dinner Amanda opens up and tells Matt that she is falling for him and doesn’t want to lose him because of her prior lack of opening up. After a while he brings out the card she had been waiting for and she quickly says yes. Her suite isn’t nearly as impressive as Shayne’s was. The most exciting thing that it seemed like they had to do was sit in a lounge chair and cuddle. Of course, we did not get to see what happened after the cameras left….

Lastly Matt waited for Chelsea so that they could go swimming with the sea turtles. The awkwardness was so apparent that you could feel it through the TV. Matt felt it too and was very open about it for the cameras. However, we never got to hear Chelsea’s side.

Matt made comments along the lines of it being “awkward and hard again”, that he wanted “chemistry” but that it wasn’t there. He wondered “where the connection went” and said that Chelsea seemed “a million miles away” while giving him a “lot of mixed signals”. He even said that it was the “worst date”. It doesn’t sound like it is turning out well for Chelsea at all.

bachelor-chelsea.jpgDuring their swim Chelsea seemed very uncomfortable and did not spend much time under water at all. Matt was hoping that they would click while in the water but he seemed to click more with the sea turtles than her. Afterwards, before they went to dinner Matt stated that he wasn’t sure he even wanted to have dinner with Chelsea.

At dinner Matt, who has always seemed blunt, open and honest, quickly got to the point with Chelsea telling her that he didn’t want to just be her best friend. She tells him that she was not the way she wanted to be with him on the date and that it is hard for her to be comfortable knowing that the other two women are also on the island. She does open up though and tells him that her feelings have evolved to the point of not knowing how she would handle getting hurt if she lost him. He felt better after that and finally knew that she was into him. He gave her the fantasy suite card and she accepted.

In the suite Matt tells Chelsea that he really feels like she is his best “fit”. Chelsea tells him that she has a surprise for him and excuses herself. She comes back out in a long black nightie and Matt is just blown away. She explains to him that she wants to show him her romantic side and our view of the evening ended. Later Matt told the cameras that he finally got what he needed from Chelsea, in order to know where she stood.

Matt says that this rose ceremony is going to be the hardest for him although it didn’t seem like it. He told the women that he is a wreck because he has to say goodbye to someone he really cares about. He easily gave out his first rose, to Shayne. What gets me is that she never seems very happy about getting a rose from him. Maybe she is intimidated by the other women too, just plays it off better. Finally he gave his second rose to Chelsea. Amanda looked shocked.

Matt walked Amanda out and tried to convince her that he meant everything he had told her, but that he just felt more for the other two. She said that she didn’t believe him and called him a name that ABC had to bleep out. In the limo she cried and stated that she really thought they were going to get married.

Back with Shayne and Chelsea, Matt informs the women that he is taking them to London to meet his family. All three drink and celebrate the positions they are in.

Next week is the “Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor: London Calling, where we get to see more of the cat fights, and hopefully get to see the women confronting Matt because of some of his decisions. Then, two weeks from now is the finale that starts in London and ends with a proposal back in Barbados. Who do you think will get the ring?

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