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American Idol: Paula Abdul Has Two Excuses For Two Song Mistake

April 30, 2008 09:16 PM by Joe Reality

Paula Abdul ConfusedThere are some mistakes that are just so big that one excuse just won’t do. For instance, if you’re a judge on the most watched television show in America, and you present your feedback on a song that hasn’t been sung yet, then that would qualify as a two excuse mistake.

During a Ryan Seacrest radio show, Paula Abdul attempted to explain exactly what happened. However, Paula’s explanation was almost as confusing as her original comments. In excuse number one, Paula admitted that she had heard Jason Castro sing his second song “September Morn” in dress rehearsal.

If this was the case, then it is understandable that Paula might have provided feedback based on that dress rehearsal. However, if that excuse is accurate, then it raises the issue that Paula might be basing some of her feedback on dress rehearsals and not the actual live performances.

Enter excuse number two, Paula Abdul said, “I was reading the critique of what I was writing for Jason Castro, and on the same page that I wrote was also David, and I got lost on my notes, and that’s as simple as it was.”

But before Paula could finish her two singers on the same piece of paper excuse, she added, “And I did catch the last like minute of Jason Castro.” Because Paula’s explanation was so confusing, Ryan Seacrest had to re-state it. Seacrest said, “So what you’re saying is that you were talking about two different people, but accidentally you said second song.”

Even though Paula Abdul agreed with Ryan Seacrest’s re-statement of what happened, she seemed to revert back to excuse number one before the end of the interview. Paula said, “I started getting confused, what are we doing now, we’re critiquing them on both their songs, and the only person that I saw sing both songs was a little of the dress rehearsal of Jason Castro.”

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