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Survivor: Micronesia — James Removed For Injury, Alex Voted Out!

May 01, 2008 07:44 PM by Ryan Haidet

james-survivor.jpgIt’s been a season of shocks, blindsides and injuries – tonight’s episode was no exception as two more players left the game for good.

Night 30, the tribe turned on and voted out Jason, who became the second player to have a hidden immunity idol and not play it. As the tribe was leaving to go back to camp, host Jeff Probst said the medical team wanted to look at the injury on James’ finger. He got on a small boat and a nurse gave him some minor treatments and wrapped up the wound. She said that it looked like he was getting an infection close to his joint and that he might require surgery if it got worse. They were going to check up on him the next day.

The morning of Day 31, Alexis was hobbling around nursing a hurt knee after she fell the night before walking around in the dark. Cirie felt bad, but saw these injuries as a good thing for her game play. “I know this is bad because I am a nurse,” she said. “That’s two less people I have to fight against for a million dollars.”

Then, the final seven arrived at the reward challenge. In a classic Survivor contest, each player answered a series of questions regarding their tribemates. Then Probst tallied the results and they were re-asked the same questions. The goal was to answer on who the majority of the tribe likely selected. Get an answer right, chop anybody’s rope. Three chops and a small, look-a-like statue of themselves would be obliterated – it was awesome. The last player standing would win reward, which was a trip to Jellyfish Lake with their loved one. One by one, family members came out and gave their loved ones a nice, long embrace. Erik’s brother was laughing because of the beard he had grown. Erik was really excited and told his brother, “That’s Jeff Probst! He’s just standing there!” A quick response from Probst, “Erik, you’re a freak.”

The first question was, “Who does the most for the tribe?” The majority had answered James – who was the only person who didn’t answer that question correctly. Everybody but James got one chop at anybody else’s rope. The next questions revealed that Parvati is the one most think never shuts up and mistakenly believes she is in control of the game. That third round, Cirie took out Parvati with her third and final chop. Her miniature statue was shattered as she took a seat on the bench.

“Who is the most honest?” was the next question. The majority believed it was Alexis, but only Cirie got it right and knocked Erik out. The remaining players only had one rope segment left to be chopped, and this question would be the last. “Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner?” The answer was James. Alexis, who got it right, delivered the fatal chop to James and took him out of the competition. “Wait until I get back home, we’re going to talk about her,” James’ dad said. Although he was out, he got to deliver an eliminating chop to one and did so to Cirie. Amanda then knocked out Natalie. This left Cirie with the final chop, thus giving the win to either Amanda or Alexis. Cirie slammed her blade down on Amanda’s final rope and watched the little figurine explode, giving Alexis the victory.

Alexis and her brother would soon be going to Jellyfish Lake, but not alone – she was given the option to choose two others. She picked Cirie and her husband, along with Natalie and her mom to go along for the trip. Then Alexis, forced with sending one to Exile Island, sent Amanda. The good news for her, however, is that another hidden immunity idol was placed somewhere. As everybody went their separate ways, Probst said medical wanted to take another look at James.

In a little clearing in the woods, the medical team was worried that the infection in his finger would go in the joint. They said this situation was dangerous for his hand. James said there was no pain in his hand, but that wasn’t good enough. The doctor told Probst that it was too big of a risk to leave him in the game. But first he went to say goodbye to Erik and Parvati, who were the only two left on the beach since the others had already left for their reward. With that, he was taken out of the game reluctantly, which left Erik as the last man standing.

At the reward, the three groups swam in Jellyfish Lake with thousands of stinging-free jellyfish. This amazing body of water is a familiar one to Survivor fans since this was the exact spot of a reward in the Palau season. Cirie really enjoyed her experience there saying it was a breakthrough since it showed her she didn’t have to be afraid of everything.

Over on Exile Island, Amanda was busy searching for the clues for the new hidden immunity idol. When she got to the last one after digging a huge trench, it told her the idol was hidden back at the Dabu camp under the tribe flag. Her work was not done.

Day 33 arrived with Alexis really limping because of her hurt knee. Parvati asked her if she needed them to vote her out so she could get medical attention. Alexis said she was fine to stick it out for the next few days and wasn’t ready to go. But the damage was done – Parvati’s statement had her worried. Since Alexis vowed to stay, she, Natalie and Parvati were talking about whom to vote out next. Natalie and Alexis wanted to oust Amanda next, but Parvati wasn’t willing to do so.

At the immunity challenge, Amanda was brought back from Exile Island to learn that James was removed from the game. She was shocked and upset, but the game continued with six. To win the safety of the immunity necklace, one at a time they each got to fire a high-powered rifle. The first to hit and break their three sake bottles hanging at a short distance would win. After a quick contest, Erik won immunity, leaving the girls to turn on each other.

Back at camp, in a great strategic move, Amanda immediately announced to everybody that she didn’t find the idol and emptied her bag to prove it. But she didn’t tell them that it was hidden right at their camp. Amanda and Parvati then walked off on their own and talked strategy. Amanda admitted that the idol was hidden at camp and asked for Parvati’s help so she could dig it up when nobody was looking.

In another part of camp, Erik and Alexis agreed that it was time for Amanda to go because she was a huge threat to them when it came to votes from the jury. Plus, they were happy she didn’t have the idol.

Before going to Tribal Council, Erik and Amanda were cleaning a chicken when she asked him how he was going to vote. He was honest with her and said he had to vote her out. But she felt he wasn’t returning a favor after she kept him safe when they all agreed to vote Ami out. In another private conversation, Cirie told Amanda that she reluctantly had to vote her out because she couldn’t risk going into Tribal Council with a tie, which would put herself at risk. Amanda was in trouble and knew she had to get that idol.

As the group was eating chicken near the cave, Amanda scurried off and started digging under the flag as Parvati somewhat distracted everybody else. In a great editing move, viewers weren’t shown if she had found it or not.

alexis-survivor.jpgThe six Dabu members arrived at Tribal Council and the jury was brought in. James was there with an I.V. attached, but he was doing fine. During questioning, Cirie said that Erik and Amanda were the two biggest physical threats. Since Erik had immunity, that showed Amanda was the target. Natalie, Alexis and Erik all made it known that they respected Amanda, but needed to vote her out.

Each walked up to the voting urn and cast their ballots. Then Probst said it was time to play a hidden immunity idol if somebody had one. The tension was high, but not for long because Amanda pulled the little idol out of her bag and danced over to Probst with it. Every vote for her became worthless – she had guaranteed safety. The first four votes were for Amanda. Good thing she played it or she would have been the next to go. Alexis got the last two votes, both of which were from Amanda and Parvati.

After getting the boot, Alexis Jones became the fifth member of the jury. She said, “Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming at all. But, um, it’s a game, so yeah, I’m not mad at all. I think I made my papa proud. I never lied once when I was here. I kept the integrity of who I am outside this game. I’m rooting for my girl, Nat, not even a question. This is the hardest physical, mental, spiritual thing I’ve ever done and I’m better for having been here.”

With only five players left, Erik is the last man standing with a group of four women who have been battling a gender war for the last few episodes. Can he survive? Only a couple more episodes left to find out who is the next person to win the $1 million prize.

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