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Brooke White Reveals American Idol Helped Her Confidence

May 02, 2008 08:28 PM by Joe Reality

Brooke WhiteDuring American Idol 7, finalist Brooke White made no secret of the fact that sometimes she struggled with confidence. When asked what impact American Idol had on her confidence struggles, Brooke said, “Well, I was very open, and honest that struggle that I have, and to be honest again, it escalated at times during Idol, and at other times, I felt like I had a better handle on it. It was very much a roller coaster ride. Tuesday, I think I felt kind of a resurge of confidence that I hadn’t felt in a long time, a lot of joy, gratitude for being in that place and I think that’s what gave me that boost, and it felt great.”

Brooke continued, “Even though I went home, it was wonderful to leave on that note. I know that Simon said it was a nightmare or whatever, but personally, I think it was a great moment, and I’ve had such incredible support from fans, which also helps to reassure you. Finding that inner confidence is something that has definitely been a struggle for me, but I’m learning, I’m growing, and Idol definitely helped me work on that. We always say this show brings everything to the surface that might be an issue for you, and that one is certainly one of them, but I worked through it, and at times, had to work through it in a very public way. That’s hard, it’s a very vulnerable position to be in, but it feels good to be honest, it feels good to work through it, and to face that challenge, and work through it.”

When asked to explain her confidence issue in more detail, Brooke said, “Definitely I’ve had comparison issues my whole life. I didn’t start singing until I was a teenager, until I was about David Archuleta’s age, and I never thought I had a nice voice. It wasn’t pretty, it was this low, raspy thing, I didn’t have a big range, and I think I was very intimidated by other singers, especially on American Idol where it’s so focused on vocals. I didn’t know how well I would do, or if I would survive.”

Brooked added, “Oftentimes in rehearsal, I’d hear everybody sing and I’d think, wow, how did I get here, this is amazing, and these people are incredible. Sometimes it was easy to feel intimidated. I’m learning that everybody is different; there are several artists out there.”

Brooke continued, “I spoke with Carly Simon this morning during an interview, and she just said some things that really meant a lot to me. It’s okay to be different and it’s important to accept that and make the most of it. There are people out there who appreciate it, so you just have to go with it.”

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  1. Sandy Says:
    May 5th, 2008 at 8:55 am

    I would not have blamed Jason if he would have flipped the judges off and walked off the stage. Jason was more of a gentleman than I would have been a lady. I am 58 yoa and this is one of the worse cases of cruelty and injustice to a rising star than I’ve seen. From my observations of the American Idol judges, I am convinced that AI is rigged. The judges, especially Paula, should be gracious enough to apologize to Jason Castro for their stupidity. This young man has a lot of talent. He has come a long way and deserves so much more. Simon is indifferent, rude, and arrogant, Paula is a total dingbat, and Randy’s vocabulary is limited to “whassup? whassup?” and “dude” and “dawg”. Such an unprofessional trio. I will not be watching AI after this season.


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