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American Idol: Brooke White Talks About Forgetting The Words

May 04, 2008 02:28 PM by Joe Reality

Brooke White Lyrics On HandDuring Andrew Lloyd Webber week on American Idol, Brooke White forgot the words to “You Must Love Me,” and she stopped and started her song over from the beginning. Despite Brooke’s mistake, she survived for another week, and Carly Smithson was eliminated from the competition.

During a conference call, Brooke was asked if she had any guilt over surviving over Carly Smithson. Brooke replied, “When I survived, you’re saying? I don’t know if guilt is quite the right word for surviving. I was grateful. This show is very interesting; the voting process is very interesting. That’s why I always say, you never know what’s going to happen. I think you take what you can get, and I was grateful to people for seeing past my mistake.”

Brooke also added, “I think beyond the mistake, I did my very best. I did my very best, I emotionally connected with the song, and I gave it everything I had, so for whatever reason that people felt motivated to vote, that’s beyond my control.”

During Neil Diamond week on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest pointed out that Brooke had the lyrics to the song written on her hand. Brooke explained, “I had the word palm on the palm of my hand.”

When asked if there was any other tricks she used to remember song lyrics, Brooke said, “No, actually, I have not had any problems with the lyrics up until ‘You Must Love Me’ and all of a sudden, it freaked me out, and I started thinking, oh my gosh, what if this happens again, it just kind of plays head games.”

Brooke continued, “When I was singing the song in my rehearsal, I kind of felt as if palm tree was not sticking in my brain, so even just the practice of writing it down on my hand helped me remember it. I didn’t even look at it because it was on the underneath side of my hand, but whatever you can use. We don’t use teleprompters, and I was playing an instrument, and singing on two songs, so it was a lot of things to remember in less than a week’s time.”

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