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Could Jason Castro Win American Idol Because Of Paula Abdul Mistake?

May 04, 2008 07:19 PM by Joe Reality

Jason Castro Two SongsWhile Jason Castro’s most recent performances might have led many to believe his future time on American Idol might be short, more American Idol viewers are now rallying around the singer partly due to backlash over a mistake made by Paula Abdul. When Paula Abdul criticized Jason Castro for a second song that he hadn’t even sung yet, many viewers felt that it showed that Jason Castro was being targeted for elimination no matter how he performed.

As the contestants stood on stage looking bewildered and the audience giggled, Paula Abdul told Castro, “The two songs made me feel like you’re not fighting hard enough to get into the top four.” While Paula Abdul has offered up various explanations ranging from confusion over reading notes for David Cook to hearing Jason Castro’s second song in dress rehearsals, the message to American Idol fans was that Paula Abdul already had her mind made up about Castro regardless of how he did with his second song.

Simon Cowell has also gone on record predicting that it will be a battle of the Davids in the American Idol 7 finale. Combine Paula Abdul’s mistake with Simon Cowell’s prediction, and it certainly looks like the judges might be doing their best to manipulate voters toward a David Cook vs. David Archuleta finale.

Because Paula Abdul’s mistake made it look like the fix might be in, not only will Jason Castro have the votes of fans that he earned through great performances like “Hallelujah,” but he will also get the votes of those viewers determined to spoil the all-David finale that the American Idol judges appear to be pining over. On the official American Idol message board, a group called the DreadNerd alliance is hoping for a David Cook vs. Jason Castro finale, and even Vote For The Worst has thrown their support behind Jason Castro and what they describe as his “I don’t care” attitude.

Often on American Idol, it’s not the one who has been the favorite from the beginning who winds up winning, but the contestant who gets hot at just the right time. With Paula Abdul’s mistake creating sympathy for Jason Castro, the door is wide open for him to come out with a knock-out performance during the final four show and build momentum to propel himself all the way into the finale. It was during the final four week of American Idol 5 that Elliott Yamin shocked the world with spectacular performances that helped result in the shocking elimination of favorite Chris Daughtry. Could Jason Castro make history repeat itself in final four week of American Idol 7 and take out one of favored Davids?

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2 Responses to “Could Jason Castro Win American Idol Because Of Paula Abdul Mistake?”

  1. Sandy Says:
    May 5th, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    Jason’s voice is unique and appreciated by many.
    Cook is your usual rocker and Archuletta is not versatile whatsoever. Syesha is Broadway material and should bow out. Space Cadet Abdul’s
    comments have nothing to do with my voting for Jason. I vote for Jason Castro because I love his voice and think it’s the best.

  2. jt157 Says:
    May 5th, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    If its a fix, its a fix. No number of votes will change that. If the producers want it to be a david v david finale, then it will be – the votes for Jason even if greater in number will probably just be ignored


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