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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the Silva Family

May 04, 2008 07:16 PM by DA Southern

Ty PenningtonThe Kites were flying as Ty Pennington announced the 50-State tour had stopped in Rhode Island this week, and boy, did it look cold.

Designers Ed Sanders, Eduardo Xol, John Littlefield and Didiayer listened as Ty Pennington talked about the next stop on the tour helping the Silva family of Warwick, RI as the team watched the Silva family application video and learned of the family’s mission to create a loving environment for foster kids.

Ken and Doreen Silva have helped over a dozen foster children over the years but recently have been told to cease and desist because the kids have all tested positive for lead poisoning. Ken and Doreen had no idea that the family home was endowed with such massive quantities of lead and with their limited resources, they tried to fix the areas of concern. The cosmetic improvements they made didn’t begin to solve the problem, and now, faced with the Health Department’s ultimatum, they appealed to Ty and the gang for help.

Ty and the designers agreed to give the family a safe home in seven days as the big bus arrived to the Silva home at 8:52 AM to greet the family. After the usual drubbing of the design team, Ty got down to business and told the family they were headed to Walt Disney World and had Ken and Doreen show him the house as the designers talked with the kids.

Ken told Ty that the lead problem was never apparent when they bought the house. Ty was circumspect about the removal of the lead with the parents and knew that the site would have to be extremely excavated as he told Ken and Doreen that the team would be giving them a clean and safe environment for the family.

Ed was meeting with son, Kenny, to see the condition of the room he shared with his brother, Mathew. Ed saw that he was a big race fan and knew the direction he wanted to take for the room. Eduardo was talking with younger son, Mathew, and saw his love of magic and Didiayer was looking to a “Wiggles” themed room for the youngest and John was headed for a sports-themed room for the older foster boys.

Day 2 at 9:07 AM had the volunteers, along with local builder Oldport Homes, marching to meet Ty and the gang for the build. After a quick meet and greet with the builders and volunteers, Ty manned the video camera to show the family the progress of the demo and a fleet of garbage trucks showed up to “Take out some trash”, as Ty put it, as the group demolished the home.

Day 2 continued as we had a glimpse of the massive excavating that was still being done on the lot at 7:04 PM. As the crews worked through the night we saw the daylight arrive on the build and the framing of the house quickly transpired as the morning of Day 3 turned into afternoon and Ty announced that his secret project was Ken and Doreen’s Master Bedroom. Sorry, no Ty-larious moments here,maybe later.

John was excited as he saw a piece of wood from the old Boston Gardens arrive to be used in the sports-themed room for the older foster sons. Poor Ed was sent to a Hollywood movie lot for inspiration for Kenny’s racing-themed room and got a glimpse of the Speed Racer car from the upcoming movie of the same name and was inspired to make a Speed Racer bed and room.

Eduardo walked into what would be the magic-themed room and had a Ty-larious moment when he snapped his fingers and made himself disappear as he transported himself to a local magic shop. I wonder how he did that? Didiayer was off working on the Wiggles-inspired room and talked about something colorful and activities of some sorts, which I guess is good.

John was seen with some very cold volunteers as he videoed himself telling the family that CVS Pharmacy had paid off their house mortgage and that they could now just concern themselves with raising the kids. Nice!

Day 5 saw Eduardo telling us about the backyard at 10:14 AM and how it used to be unhealthy and how a cool backyard was being constructed now. Ty was seen sending Didiayer to the local Kohler Design Center for all kinds of bath and kitchen stuff and poor Didi was actually put to work in the Kohler factory making the stuff for the home.

The final touches were being applied as Day 6 ebbed away as we saw the action pick up at 4:20 PM with the final touches being applied to the home and John announcing that he had the keys to the house and the furniture could finally be moved in.

The family arrived home on Day 7 as Ty and the cheering crowds greeted the arriving limo. Ken Silva was amazed at the crowds of people who had turned out to be part of the happening as Ty and the family yelled, “Bus Driver, Move-That-Bus.” Dad, Ken, dropped to his knees in joy as the beautiful home was revealed and even the younger kids were amazed at the home.

Ty sent them into the contemporary home and the open styling that is typical of many of the Extreme homes greeted the family as Ty came in and pointed out how much room the family had to be together. Ty sent everyone into the rooms and the two younger foster sons were first into their sports-themed bedroom. I don’t think they understood the whole “Boston Gardens” aspect of the room.

Mathew was next into his magic-inspired room and it was a very cool room for a kid of any age as he and Ty played a bit in the room. The Speed Racer room was on tap next and it was darker than many bedrooms we have seen as of late. Hey, what happens if the movie is a flop and this kid is stuck with the theme room? Just gotta ask.

The Wiggles room was next and a bunch of colorful games and stuff adorned the room for the youngest son. Cool, I guess. The kids then streamed into the back yard to see the great fort and playground equipment that adorned their once barren backyard as Ty played with them in their fort.

Ty sent Ken and Doreen into their Master Bedroom that was Ty’s secret project and the most striking aspect of the room was the changeable photo frames for any new kids they might adopt. Ty gathered the family for the final meet-and-greet with the designers and showed them a set of dishes with the names of the kids who they had helped in the past and blank ones for kids they would help in the future as he gave his signature line, “Welcome home, Silva family, welcome home” as Doreen said how grateful she was for the house and that it would change, not only their family, but also any kids in the future who they might help.

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