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RTV Predicts: What We Think Will Happen This Week…

May 05, 2008 05:48 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Jason Castro Two SongsGot reality TV on your brain? Hard not to, what with all the reality giants in mid-season. It’s also hard not to be talking. To be guessing. To be predicting. At Reality TV Magazine, our writers are watching, too. And talking. Guessing. And definitely predicting. Here’s what we think will happen this week on some of your favorite shows:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. This week will bring the most shocking elimination of the season. Yes, one of the Davids will be going home.

2. Since the finalists will likely be doing two songs each again this week, Ryan Seacrest will repeatedly remind Paula Abdul how many songs the finalists have sung before the judges provide feedback.

3. Everyone will be talking about Bo Bice’s performance on the American Idol results show.

Jen, on American Idol:

Let’s face it: at this point, we’re not going to be happy no matter who goes home. But, seriously, if Jason Castro doesn’t go home soon, Simon’s going to run out of “college boy in a dorm room/young man at a wedding” comments (Simon, you haven’t used “high school choir tryout” or “teenager singing in the shower” yet). This week, Paula will begin the show by phoning in her critique of the contestants’ performances before anyone takes the stage.

Jen, on The Bachelor:

Mummy, I’m home! This week Shayne and Chelsea will meet the ‘rents and be ever-so-blown-away by Matt’s hometown. I think they’ll both impress and be impressed. Shayne will pull out another hidden skill to make Matt’s jaw drop (Will it be spoon-bending? Picking stuff up with her toes? Wait! I know! Neurosurgery!), but Chelsea, finally realizing how close to real this is, will take the leap and pour on some romance. Matt will come away from the trip the most confused any bachelor has ever been… but ready to propose to someone.

Jen, on Dancing with the Stars:

Everyone’s waiting to see what will happen with Cristian. How will he dance with his arm injury? You know what, people? It doesn’t really matter. The sympathy votes will be flowing in double-time and Cristian’s going to move forward because he’s going on with the competition despite the injury. So who will go home this week? My guess is Marissa. Who will wow the judges this week? Kristi and Jason, of course!

Jen, on Hell’s Kitchen:

Chef Ramsay will kick a trash can and scream something along the lines of, “you f***ing donkey!!!” Oh. And he’ll throw food at someone. And a guy will go home.

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