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The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Special

May 05, 2008 08:38 PM by Christine McDow

Tonight we had a short intermission from the highly sparked episodes of The Bachelor and got to hear from the women about what really happened in and out of the house. Not all 23 women were brought back but a good selection of them were including Amy, Erin S. Stacey, Erin H. Kelly, Carri, Michele R. Kristine, Michelle P. Holly, Robin, Marshana, Ashlee, Noelle and Amanda R.

Chris comes out, greets the women and starts asking questions. First he asks Amanda about being the first one out of the limo and what she thought of Matt. She says that she was really worried about tripping but that it turned out well. Marshana then states that she doesn’t have a “type” but that she was hoping to find someone taller than her who was athletically in shape. She states that she got more than she expected and was pleased.

bachelor-stacey.jpgChris then brings up Stacey’s first impression with Matt by stuffing a pair of her panties in Matt’s jacket while she was drunk and yelling at all the other women. After watching the video Stacey claims that she is embarrassed and that she isn’t really like that. Then, Marshana made it clear that Stacey was making comments that was making everyone uncomfortable like saying she was going to kill all of them and their families.

After talking about the panties Chris moves on to talking about the competitiveness in the house. The clips shown include Marshana, Ashlee and Robin. Chris invites Robin to take a seat and asks her some tough questions.

Chris: “You seem to have the most difficult time with the ladies, why?”

Robin: “I have been hurt by women, a lot more than men, so I put myself in a super competitive mode, I was scared.”

bachelor-robin.jpgChris: “So it was a defense mechanism to go in and break up their time?”

Robin: “I wanted to be with Matt.”

Chris: “You were there for a relationship, not to make friends.”

Robin: “Yeah, that is what this game is about. It was the loneliest experience in my life, I have never been truly hated before.”

Then some of the other ladies piped in.

Marshana: “We definitely had our run ins because Robin was abrasive and intentionally mean to myself and others.”

Amanda: “People weren’t jealous of her time with Matt. None of us were convinced she was there for Matt, but rather that she was there to “win” and we got mad when she got time with him when she wasn’t there for the right reasons.”

Robin: “I was there to be loved, I was there for the right intentions.”

Then Chris moves on to the “big fight” of the season and invites Marshana, who was at the center of it all, to sit with him and answer some questions.

Chris: “There always seemed to be controversy surrounding you, you always seemed to be in the middle of all the drama.” (We got to watch clips of the drama surrounding Marshana.)

bachelor-marshana.jpgMarshana: “I felt that Robin was being extremely condescending to me and I won’t stand for that. My issue with Chelsea was that she had not taken the opportunity to get to know me but thought she could make statements on my character.”

Chris: “Robin did you think you were being condescending?”

Robin: “No, absolutely not.”

Marshana: “I really feel that Robin had an attitude of superiority, the reason I got upset on the 2-on-1 date is because Robin accused me of playing the victim, I didn’t like being in that position.

Erin S. then comments that Marshana has a very strong personality and that she created a lot of drama. Marshana interrupts and says she can handle it, to which Robin says she is not handling it. Marshana gets upset and says, “Robin you are dismissed”. Robin doesn’t stop however and says that Marshana is giving her too much credit.

Chris: “Everyone was rooting for you to go home, how sweet of a reward was it when you walked back in?”

Marshana: “It felt so nice, but I knew I was going to have a big bulls-eye on my head. I don’t feel like I was mean or did anything intentionally to anyone, but if I rubbed someone the wrong way there is nothing I can do about that. I am going to love me for who I am and I can accept my shortcomings.”

Next Chris calls Amanda up to talk with him as they go over her relationship with Matt.

Chris: “You had an immediate connection with Matt and everyone was blown away when you did not get a rose, I think you were surprised too” (clips of Amanda and Matt in the series)

bachelor-amanda.jpgChris: “How tough is that to watch?”

Amanda: “It was really tough, I thought watching the show I would get answers but I am more confused now.”

Chris: “You opened up in Barbados…”

Amanda: “I wanted Matt to know more about me. I went into the rose ceremony confident. I thought we made a connection. I thought we were going to get engaged. He has all the qualities I am looking for.”

Chris: “You still seem hurt.”

Amanda: “I think my biggest questions is why he had no concerns. He had concerns with Chelsea and Shayne but not with me. If I had everything he was looking for I would have kept me!”

Chris: “You stood up to him, you were angry.”

Amanda: “He wasn’t giving me any straight answers.”

Chris: “How will this affect you in future relationships?”

Amanda: ” I learned that you need to open up and let people know that you like them.”

Finally Matt comes out, with a newly shaved head, and answers questions from Chris and the women. He says that he heard everything they had said and that it was very fair. He tells Amanda that with them it was always the “like” word and not the “love” word like it was with Chelsea and Shayne. She tells him that she still doesn’t get it and he apologizes. Says that he honestly just felt like he had a better chance at happiness with Shayne or Chelsea.

At the very end Stacey gives Matt a gift, a pair of pink panties with multicolored stripes on them. Chris holds them up and exclaims, “I don’t care what country you are from, that is HOT!”

Stay tuned next week for the season finale of The Bachelor where we get to find out who Matt finally decided to fall in love with and who he gave that final rose too.

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