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Hell’s Kitchen May Not Be Too Sweet

May 06, 2008 08:06 PM by Christine McDow

Another cut throat episode of Hell’s Kitchen aired tonight full of the drama, competition and language that we have come to expect from Chef Ramsey and his “students”. Those viewers with a keen eye who watched the previews for this weeks show already know which team lost and which chef went home, however for those who don’t I will tell you what happened!

bios_photo_christina.pngAs they walked out of the kitchen Christina looked at Louross and said, “Congratulations.” Louross states to the camera that this is “high school crap”, while Corey says that Christina will continue to be put on the chopping block. Shayna says that she does not feel as if Christina is condescending, while the other women say they do.

Christina comes up and says that she deserves to enjoy the evening and then in private states that if having book smarts scares the other women she doesn’t care. She said that she looks great in high heels, can read and book and can cook. That she is the complete package.

Ben and Bobby are talking about Matt and how he is lazy, and then state that they need to stick to their alliance. In another room Matt and Louross are talking about how Ben thinks he is the best looking guy there and claim that he hides behind Bobby.

The teams show up at a Farmers Market for their next challenge and Bobby states that while moral is low that they will NOT lose another challenge. The challenge is to create a meal made up of an appetizer and two main dishes that will please a girl at her Sweet 16 party, and the girl’s parents. Each team gets 25 minutes and $100 in the Farmers Market to buy the items they will need, and then 45 minutes back in the kitchen to prepare the food.

bios_photo_matt.pngThe boys can’t decide what they want to make. Louross is looking for deals, Matt suggests a Sushi Pizza, and Bobby is rolling his eyes begging Matt to stop talking. The girls are on a roll discussing food items that teenagers would love and Rosanne makes it a point that she has a teenage girl and knows that teenagers don’t like to try new and strange foods.

Both teams get out on time and back to Hell’s Kitchen to start preparing food. Ben is giving Matt orders and Matt is ready to walk out. He states that he has no confidence in anything that they are making and he is tired of wasting his breath to talk to them. In the red kitchen Corey is trying to take control and be bossy while Shayna stands there looking at her with a blank stare. Corey makes the comment that Shayna needs to pick up the pace or she could be going home.

When the 45 minutes is up the chefs present their food to Chef Ramsey. He asks them if they used their time wisely and if they thought about presentation and both teams answer yes. He points out that at 16 trends are important and if the presentation isn’t great the customers will walk away.

Chef Ramsey then asks if anyone has been to a Sweet 16 party recently to which Matt raises his hand. The Chef asks him if the party he went to had any influence on the menu that the blue team picked, to which Matt replies no, shocking the rest of the guys on the blue team. After Chef Ramsey confirms this he says that the guys amaze him. Ben remarks that everyone is wondering what Matt is talking about.

Chef Ramsey announces that the birthday girl Melissa and her mother are going to help him choose. First up is the appetizers. The girls present a Super Sweet 16 Scampi and the boys offer up their stuffed chicken wings. The red team is shocked when Melissa says that she has never tasted shrimp before and then says that the dish is tart and crunchy. She remarks however that she loves the flowers on the plate with the wings and chooses the wings “hands down”.

For the first main course meal the girls present a Caribbean Halibut with mango salsa and the boys do a Sweet Potato Mash with Sauteed Asparagus and Shrimp. Melissa says that the fish is dry and the rice is undercooked and her mother says that if it was cooked right it would be good and states that the salsa is good. Melissa has decided that she does not like shrimp after the red teams appetizer and announces that she also doesn’t like asparagus, leading her to quickly pick the red team’s dish.

The last main dishes were specially made by Corey and Petrozza. Corey presented a grilled flank steak with homemade french fries and pomegranate sauce, while Petrozza did a Sassy Surf and Turf that included Filet Mignon. Melissa wasn’t sure about the red items on the flank steak, saying that it looked like jewelry, but she didn’t like the fat on the filet. She was close to picking the red team’s item when her mother told her to think about all taste pallets and she changed her mind picking the men’s dish. The men finally won and were ecstatic.

For their win the guys got to be teenagers again while riding go-carts and pigging out on fancy desserts. The girls got to decorate the restaurant for the party. They were doing okay until the party planner walked in who was driving them all insane, and then the mother walked in complaining about the plates not being silver and there not being napkin rings. Shayna saved the day by suggesting a fancy way to place the napkins, which the mother loved, and Corey griped about.

That night at the house Corey and Louross seem to be hitting it off. They exchange the big “L” word and Corey jumps in the hot tub. Out of his ear shot Corey states that Louross is an easy target and that she will do anything to win the game.

The next morning while both teams were preparing for the meals Shayna was slow and go on the nerves of her teammates because it took her all morning to make the salsa. The kitchen opens and Chef Ramsey reminds the teams that it is still his standards that need to be met while the guests walk in.

The blue team gets the appetizers out first while Christina forgets the mushrooms in the birthday girl’s Risotto, as well as some spices. Once all the appetizers are out and the teams start on the main courses, Rosann under cooks the birthday girl’s steak while Matt serves first dry and then frozen fish to the mother. Bobby pushes Matt off of his station and takes over, not letting Matt back in. Later when Chef Ramsey realizes this he tells Matt that he needs to push back and quit hiding. That there is a difference in teamwork and taking over.

At the end of the night Chef Ramsey tells Melissa that there is one last surprise for her and sends her outside. He has arranged a private concert for her by her favorite band, The Pink Spiders.

While the guests party outside, inside Chef Ramsey is giving his review. He says that every 16 year old girl at the party filled out a comment card and that 98% of the girlswho the blue team served said that they would come back. He then told the women that 99% of their customers said they would come back. He tells them that he can not decide a winning team based on one point. At this time Matt interrupts and thanks Chef Ramsey, to which the chef responds to not thank him. He then sends the teams upstairs to pick one person from each team who might go home.

Walking up the stairs Matt says he is going to pack and Bobby laughs. Matt tells him he doesn’t find it funny and proceeds to pack. The girls discuss who to nominate and Shayna wants to nominate Rosann because of her inability to cook the steak and Rosann wants to nominate Shayna because she is slow. The girls seem to settle on Shayna but Christina has her doubts.

When the guys tell Chef Ramsey that they are nominating Matt the chef says that it is appropriate since he served dry fish to the mother and that the only thing worse is serving raw meat to Melissa. Chef Ramsey is fully expecting to have Rosann be nominated and is shocked when Christina announces that it is Shayna. He asks Christina what her personal opinion is and she admits that it is Rosann. Chef Ramsey has Matt, Shayna and Rosann stand in front of him.

bios_photo_shayna.pngBoth women tell him that they are there for their kids. Chef Ramsey asks Matt if he has peaked. Matt says no, but that he was pushed and bullied off of his station by Bobby. Chef Ramsey says that Matt allowed himself to be pushed off and that he hides behind Bobby. Matt says that it is really Benwho hides behind Bobby and that he wouldn’t let him get back on the fish. Chef Ramsey says that Matt has 250 pounds on him and that Louross has bigger balls, shocking Louross. Matt says that no one listens to him and that he has no voice. He then announces that he wants to work with the girls, shocking everyone in the room but him.

Chef Ramsey sends Matt back to the blue team and then sends Shayna home. He says that she has a big heart but he always felt like a part of it was really with her new baby. He then tells Matt that the next day he will be cooking with the ladies on the red team which fires them up as they do not need or want Matt around.

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