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Meet the New American Gladiators!

May 06, 2008 07:25 AM by Jennifer_Brown

NBC-LogoThe folks at NBC are changin’ it up as they bring back a revamped American Gladiators for another season. With three new gladiators to add to the mix and several new games to reveal, there’ll be something new for viewers in every episode.

Gladiators will be introducing fans to three new gladiators, ready to take on contestants brave enough to face them. The new gladiators are: “Rocket,” otherwise known as Evan Dollard, winner of season one; “Jet,” otherwise known as Monica Carlson, season one’s female winner; and “Phoenix,” an all-new gladiator, both beautiful and tough.

American Gladiators has also ramped up some of the existing events by adding a 200,000-gallon pool, a 50-foot wall, and a tougher Eliminator, and has created several new games for contenders to take on, including Vertigo and Rocketball.

In Rocketball, contenders have only one minute to push a button as many times as they can and launch themselves high into the air, where they’ll try to make baskets against the hearty defense of the gladiators.

In Vertigo, contenders take on the gladiators in a foot race. The hitch is, the race will take place on rail-thin “sway” poles over 30 feet in the air.

Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali will be back to host the second season of American Gladiators. Says Hulk, “Season two of American Gladiators is going to be bigger and badder than before! We have new gladiators, new events and a new gladiator arena. All those gladiator maniacs out there are going to be blown away.”

Catch the season premiere of American Gladiators on Monday, May 12th at 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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