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Meet the American Gladiators Contenders!

May 08, 2008 01:48 PM by Jennifer_Brown

American-Gladiators-Courtesy-NBCGet your menacing grunts warmed up, people! American Gladiators has revealed the names of the forty new contenders who will be taking on the Gladiators for season two. Each week two male and two female contenders will face up against the Gladiators in battles of strength and stamina, battling for the ultimate prize of $100,000.

The following contenders will be hitting the Gladiators arena, with helmets in place and the finish line in their sights:

The Men:

Randee Haynes, a 25-year-old carpenter from Chicago, Illinois; Jesus Jay Martinez, a 40-year-old SWAT officer from Perth Amboy, New Jersey; John Siciliano, a 37-year-old Paralympic athlete from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Gerry Garcia, a 27-year-old special education teacher and martial arts masters student from Long Beach, California; David Moore, a 31-year-old police officer from Chicago, Illinois; Melvin Davis, a 42-year-old cop from Chicago, Illinois; Toby Gordin, a 31-year-old grocer from Memphis, Tennessee; Brick Reilly, a 27-year-old tree climber from Springfield, New Jersey; Landon Jones, a 26-year-old medical device salesman from Littleton, Colorado; Tony Tolbert, a 36-year-old science teacher from Denver, Colorado; Adam Hill, a 40-year-old ER doctor from Denver, Colorado; Mike Gamble, a 29-year-old who grew up in Connecticut and now lives in Hollywood, California; James Ruggiero, a 27-year-old high school English teacher from Yucca Valley, California; Sean Hetherington, a 29-year-old waiter and personal trainer from West Hollywood, California; Alejandro Soto, a 24-year-old war veteran from El Cajon, CA and is now a dolphin trainer for the U.S. Navy Marine mammal program; Tim Oliphant, a 33-year-old media director for Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Missouri; Alexander Coats, a 26-year-old mortgage consultant from Jacksonville, Florida; Anthony Pagnotta, a 35-year-old NYPD Detective from Farmingdale, New York; Aaron Simpson, married to fellow contender Kendra Sirignano, hails from Tempe, Arizona; Jeff Davidson, married to fellow contender Ally Davidson, is a 29-year old financial advisor from Dallas, Texas.

The Women:

Melissa Trinidad, a 30-year-old children’s martial arts instructor, living in Brandon, Florida; Elena Maskalik, a 22-year-old firefighter who currently resides in Foster City, California; Vanessa Warren, a 35-year-old U.S. Air Force Major currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Nikki Key, a 27-year-old bartender and fitness model from Queens, New York; Abbe Dorn, a 28-year-old police officer in Denver, Colorado; Vicki Ferrari, a 35-year-old narcotics officer from Denver, Colorado; De Day, a 29-year-old full-time mom from Siesta Key, Florida; Tiffaney Florentine, a 25-year-old business consultant from Royal Oak, Michigan; Chaunda (Shonda) Mason, a 28-year-old actress and model from North Hollywood, California; Rochelle Gilken, a 27-year-old crime reporter from West Palm Beach, Florida; Jessica Garcia, a 25-year-old cheerleading coach from the Bronx, New York; Patricia Franklin, a 41-year-old mother of four from Leesburg, Virginia; Annie Castellano, a 20-year-old Columbia College student originally from Stoneham, Massachusetts; Yoko Ohigashi, originally from Brea, California, is a 52-year-old team manager in investment at a brokerage firm in Irvine, CA; Adriana Posadas, a 23-year-old school chemical engineering student from Anaheim, California; Tatum Yount, a 26-year-old competitive figure skater and marathon/triathlon runner from Manhattan Beach, California; Lillian Thomassen and Clinessa Burch are 27-year-old twin sisters who are both in the concrete business, both living in California; Kendra Sirignano, married to fellow contender Aaron Simpson, is a social worker; Ally Davidson is married to fellow contender Jeff Davidson and is a 24-year-old sales representative.

Each contender has a special story to tell (some of them amazing!), and their own motives for being on the show.

American Gladiators, season two, premieres Monday, May 12th at 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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