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American Idol: Jason Castro Denies Trying To Get Voted Off

May 09, 2008 01:03 AM by Joe Reality

Frank Micelotta/FOXFor the last couple of weeks, many in the media have been speculating that Jason Castro actually wanted to get voted off American Idol. From his famous yawn to his forgetting of the lyrics, it is understandable how some people could have developed the impression that he might be trying to throw the competition.

During a recent media call, Jason Castro was asked if he had forgotten the words to “Mr. Tambourine Man” on purpose. Jason said, “I definitely did not do that on purpose. I couldn’t believe I forgot such a popular line, something that’s like written on your soul. Somehow, it slipped my mind. But I definitely didn’t do that on purpose.”

Another popular story in the press was about how Jason Castro yawned backstage during the show. When asked about his yawning, Jason explained, “I heard about the yawn. The people that told me thought it was funny.” Jason also added, “I am a chronic yawner. Every week before my song, I’m yawning, and I don’t know where it comes from or why, but I’m always yawning.”

After Jason Castro’s first performance during Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame week, some viewers even thought he mouthed the words “Don’t Vote.” However, Jason strongly denied this rumor. Jason explained, “I was saying, ‘Vote.’ And then I said it again because I was kind of trying to emphasize that but nobody heard me, and I remember going and sitting down and thinking about it, and that they kind of have the same syllables, and it’s going to look like, ‘Don’t vote.’ That went through my mind, and I was like, ‘Dang it.’ And I consciously, the second time, I only said vote once.”

Entertainment Weekly also reported that Jason Castro said he was ready to go home. Jason explained, “There’s an interview; it was last week. Somebody, I don’t even know where it was from, but that I had said I wanted to go home or something. And I think this week, everybody kind of had the idea that I was ready to go. And that wasn’t my mindset at all going in, but every week has its ups and downs, and that morning, when I had that interview, I was kind of frustrated with a lot of things.”

Jason elaborated, “Just my music, the way it was coming along. And we were selecting songs, and just – I don’t know. There was a lot going on that morning. And I don’t know. So I think that kind of came across wrong, and just with the way I was on the show, I guess, people were kind of thinking that I didn’t want to be there, which was never my mindset.”

Even though Jason Castro denies trying to get voted off, he didn’t deny feeling a little bit of relief after he was eliminated. Jason explained, “I’ve been telling people I was as happy last night as I was when I found out I made the top 24. This whole time, I’ve had a blast, and I was trying, but it’s just really been hard. And that night, I remember before we found out the results, I was just thinking, I was really starting to fear the week ahead, if I made it. How am I going to do three songs? I can’t even do two right, and with the hometown visit, it was just going to be a lot of work, even though it would have been so much fun.

Jason continued, “I was just freaking out about it, and so that was all building up, and so I was kind of – I was ready to go either way, whatever they gave me. When they gave me that, I just – my natural reaction, I just really felt relieved, like the pressure was off. I loved my time on there, and I would have liked to go farther, but I don’t think I could handle it, so I’m content.”

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Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX

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