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American Idol: Jason Castro Blames Elimination On Inexperience

May 12, 2008 04:06 PM by Joe Reality

Jason Castro Two SongsWhile many of the American Idol 7 finalists had a wealth of previous experience, Jason Castro did not. When asked about his background, Jason revealed, “I started playing guitar at my freshman year of college and singing shortly thereafter. And while I was learning, I was teaching myself, and so I would learn songs, but I would never learn them all the way through. So I’d never even learned a song all the way through, and now trying to learn two in a week has just been tough.”

In fact most of Jason Castro’s experience performing in front of an audience came after his American Idol audition. Jason explained, “After my first audition, I did a few more shows, probably about like ten to twelve up and through like the Christmas time from my original audition. But the longest gig I did was like a 30-minute set at a local venue there.”

When asked why the judges put him through in the competition despite his lack of experience, Jason said, “I think it was the potential and just because I was so new at it. And what I had done so far, I think it just showed enough potential that I could potentially be something. And especially, like the nature of the show, I think I’m very much what the show was originally about. I am kind of as raw as it gets. I haven’t done much of anything singing-wise, and I don’t know. Maybe I’d just be good on TV. I don’t know.”

While some have suggested that Jason Castro intentionally wanted to get voted off American Idol, Jason tells a different story. When asked about the rumors, Jason said, “Yesterday, I wanted to win, and the day before. And it’s just, I think what it came down to is just my inexperience. And I just, once we doubled up on songs, I wasn’t really being able to focus. And both my songs were just, my mind was just split, and I just couldn’t deliver either/or, and so I think that’s what it came down to.”

Even though Jason Castro might not have had a lot of experience before American Idol, he credits the show with helping to give him more experience. Jason explained, “Well, I’ve learned that I can do a lot more than I thought. Before I did this, I wasn’t really confident as a performer, and I wasn’t doing it a whole lot. And well, now, I did it for a few months straight on TV. And so I just gained a lot of confidence and learned that I can do it, and it’s cool.”

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