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American Idol: Jason Castro Misses Cleaning Pools

May 12, 2008 07:42 PM by Joe Reality

Jason Castro PoolRecently eliminated American Idol finalist Jason Castro won’t be going home right away, because he has to travel to make appearances and the finale is only a little over a week away. However, Jason is anxious to get back home, because he misses his day-to-day life. In a recent conference call, Jason explained, “I just miss home. And I love being home in the summer and just – I kind of miss working, working in the summers with my dad.”

When asked what type of work he did for his dad, Jason Castro revealed, “Well, he has a company that designs and builds custom swimming pools, and I’ve worked with him since I was 15, and I just did drafting and did some outside work. I would survey lots and clean pools and stuff like that.”

Not only has Jason Castro been so busy that he’s been missing out on cleaning pools, but he also revealed he hasn’t had time to return calls from celebrities. When asked if any famous people had called him wanting to work with him, Jason replied, “Actually, nothing about wanting to work with me, but Chris Sligh called me the other day. He was apparently hanging out with one of my friends that’s a guitarist who’s doing some studio work in Nashville, and they were hanging out. And I came up in conversation, and he gave him my number, and he was just extending friendship. And I haven’t called him back yet.”

Jason continued, “I haven’t had time. That’s how busy this thing is. That I can’t even call back a celebrity.” Chris Sligh finished in tenth place on American Idol 6, and Jason Castro made it all the way to fourth place on American Idol 7.

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