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David Cook to Kansas City Fans: Good Lord, Guys, That Was Awesome!

May 12, 2008 03:43 PM by Jennifer_Brown

David-Cook-SignsKansas City’s got Cook Fever, as American Idol’s David Cook made multiple appearances around the area Friday for filming of hometown visit footage for this week’s show. David began his morning Friday by sitting for multiple interviews with radio and TV stations in the area, and then capped it off with a free concert in the newly-constructed Kansas City Power & Light District.

The entertainment area was packed with fans of all shapes and sizes, from babies propped on parents’ shoulders to business people taking an early lunch break to, of course, screaming teens of all ages. Fox news was on hand to pass out “David Cook Rocks” signs, while The Examiner handed out free copies of a special David Cook edition of the paper. There were even “Support David Cook” candy bars floating around the crowd freely.

American Idol producers took the stage to greet the crowd and introduce themselves (as if the giantDavid-Cook-Welcome-Home-Sign cameras and mikes weren’t enough to give it away) and to whip the audience into a frenzy. Wasn’t hard to do. Every time the door behind the stage opened, the crowd went wild, screaming and holding up various signs in hopes of seeing David.

Before too long, to chants of “Da-vid Cook! Da-vid Cook!” Mix 93.3′s DJ, “Rocket,” took the stage to introduce City Councilwoman Jan Marcason, who was there to declare the day David Cook Day. Councilwoman Marcason stepped up to the mike and asked everyone to pay attention to the big screen over her head. On the screen popped up the image of Missouri Governor, Matt Blunt, and his wife, who urged the crowd to make donations to fight cancer (David’s brother, Adam, as fans know, is suffering from brain cancer). Then the governor whipped out the “official proclamation”–May 9th is David Cook Day Missouri-wide!

With no further ado, Councilwoman Marcason and Rocket introduced David Cook and the crowd went WILD as he stepped out onto the stage, carrying his guitar and smiling from ear to ear. He held the proclamation in the air triumphantly and mugged for the crowd and the cameras.

David-Cook-CrowdAfter the crowd calmed down some, David stepped up to the mike. “Good Lord, guys! That was AWESOME!” he said. Then he joked, “What are you here for?” After thanking the crowd profusely for their support, he jumped right into a mini-concert.

First, David sang his audition song, Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer (Holy cow! He sounds amazing! Dare I say, his voice is smoother in person than on the show!), as the crowd cheered their heads off. His second, and final, song was the version of Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby that he sang two weeks ago in the competition. As he took his bow, the crowd launched a hail of candy to the stage.

The concert was over, but David wasn’t done yet. He left, weaving through the crowd, surrounded by body guards and American Idol film crews, as fans pressed in on him trying to touch him, give him gifts, and get up-close pictures of him. David graciously obliged, talking to his fans and reminding us why we love him so much.

David comes off as genuine and down-to-earth as he appears on TV (for you critics who think he’s aloof… no way! This guy is just completely in awe of the stardom he’s stumbled upon!) and his fans are ravenous. If Kansas City fans have anything to say about it, this guy is going to go all the way!

Photo Courtesy: Reality TV Magazine

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