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Survivor Gabon To Be 17th Season Of Survivor

May 12, 2008 07:21 PM by Joe Reality

Survivor GabonDuring the Survivor Micronesia reunion show, Jeff Probst introduced a video preview of the next season of Survivor. The 17th season of Survivor will take place in Gabon, Africa. Probst also revealed that there will be eighteen castaways taking part in the next Survivor.

The tagline for Survivor Gabon is “Earth’s Last Eden.” Gabon is located in equatorial Africa, and Probst described it as “one of the world’s last remaining sanctuaries for pure, untouched wilderness.” Probst also added, “Gabon is the only place on the planet where surfing hippos ride the waves, and elephants roam with gorillas, as leopards keep watch.”

In addition to the wilderness, the culture of Gabon was also highlighted in the video preview of the 17th season. Probst said, “The culture of Gabon reflects the beauty of this ancient land with rituals and dances as pure today as they were generations ago.”

The 17th season of Survivor will be shot in high definition for the first time ever, and the season is schedule to premiere in the Fall on CBS.

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