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The Bachelor’s Lucky Lady

May 12, 2008 08:26 PM by Christine McDow

bachelor-matt-with-roses.jpgTonight’s The Bachelor season finale was promised to be the most romantic finale ever with a rose ceremony and proposal that the viewers would not forget. ABC and Bachelor Matt did not disappoint.

This episode had Shayne and Chelsea heading off to London to meet Matt’s family and face tough questions from the other side of the pond. Then Matt took both women back to Barbados for final dates and the moment we have all be waiting for…the proposal.

First up in the game of meet the parents was Chelsea, and from watching her with Matt and his family, it is clear that Shayne has some stiff competition that she probably doesn’t even know about. Chelsea greeted Matt with a huge hug and kiss, and they went in a Ferris wheel type apparatus to look over London. Matt spent some time pointing out his favorite areas.

They then headed to his parents house where Chelsea was going to meet both his mother and father, as well as his brother. Chelsea knew that this was where Matt could seal the deal and if his parents didn’t like her that it would weigh heavily on Matt’s decision. She went in looking very comfortable and like she was already a part of the family.

During dinner Matt’s mother asked Chelsea if a sense of humor would be on her list of qualities that she was looking for in a partner. Chelsea explained that it is the number one item on her list and that it is important to be able to laugh at yourself. On camera Matt’s mom stated that Chelsea was trying hard to convince her but she wasn’t sure. Afterwards, while they had some time to talk alone, Chelsea opened up to Matt’s mother about feeling vulnerable and admits that she has held back. Matt’s mother tells Chelsea that Matt is completely himself when he is with her. By the end of their conversation Chelsea has won over Matt’s mother.

By the end of the night Chelsea seems to have won over the whole family, including Matt. When he walks her out Matt tells Chelsea how much he adores her. On camera he says that he did not want her to go and that the little voice in the back of his head saying that they could be engaged feels good.

The next day it is Shayne’s turn to meet the family and even Matt says that Shayne has an uphill battle after how well Chelsea did. Matt takes Shayne on a tour of London by foot and by double decker bus. She says that she loves London, but then gets very nervous when they get to the house.

When Shayne walks into the house she is greeted by Matt’s brother who later admits that he wonders what Matt sees in her. She does not seem like his type at all. After meeting his mother and dad they all sit down and Shayne tells them about how she felt teased while driving by all the shops that she couldn’t get out and shop out. She then precedes to spill her wine on herself.

When they sit down to eat Matt’s father asks Shayne how old she is. Shayne jokes and says 12, then admits she is just 22, but tries to make it okay by saying that she has been on her own since she was 17. Throughout dinner Shayne answered all the questions right, and by the end of the night she had won over not only Matt’s parents but his doubting brother.

After Shayne left the house, Matt sat down with his family. Both of his parents told him that they could see him with Shayne over Chelsea while his brother stuck with his initial gut feelings and told Matt that he preferred Chelsea.

bachelor-chelsea.jpgBack in Barbados, Matt greets Chelsea and takes her on a helicopter tour of the island that ends with a picnic lunch on a deserted beach. They spend their time frolicking and making out in the sand until the sunsets. At the end of the evening, back in Chelsea’s room, Chelsea gives Matt a “California Survival Kit” that is full of everything she thinks he will need when he comes to visit her in California. Included are a box of cereal for breakfast in bed, surfing wax because she wants to teach him how to surf, and a map of California for all of their traveling. She opens up to him and tells him that she is falling in love with him and he says that he is falling in love with her too.

The next day Shayne comes up behind Matt and surprises him. He talks about how she is a monkey that just grips on and then surprises her with a boat so that they can go para-sailing. Before heading up Shayne jokingly tells Matt that if she doesn’t come back that she wishes him and Chelsea well.

After para-sailing when they are back in her hotel room, Shayne brings out her gift for Matt. She says that it is the most important gift that she will ever give him. He opens it up and it is two framed pictures of her writing “I love you” in the sand. She points out repeatedly that she is telling him that she loves him and after saying it is sweet, he says that he is falling in love with her too.

After leaving Shayne, Matt admits that he still does not know who he is going to choose. The next day however he finds the perfect ring and states that when he thought about who he could spend the rest of his life with, that the decision was predictable.

Chelsea steps out of the limo first which is normally a bad sign on The Bachelor. Matt tells her that she looks amazing and that she has the best dresses. He even calls her “honey” which makes one think that he is leaning towards her. When Matt starts talking though his decision is clear. He thanks Chelsea for the amazing times that they had and says that he doesn’t think he can give her everything she needs. He says that he thinks they got a late start and she refuses to apologize for not throwing herself at him.

As he walks her back to the car Chelsea states what hundreds of thousands of women across the country have thought over the past few weeks. She says that Shayne is the falsest one there. Matt gets very defensive, almost overly so, and raises his voice to Chelsea, stating that he knows a different woman than everyone else knew and that Shayne is not false. He then says that if Chelsea thinks that he is the type of guy who would fall for someone who is not real, then she doesn’t really know him.

They say goodbye at the limo and inside Chelsea cries, stating that it is very hard to go through this after just admitting your feelings. She says that she can not explain what happened because she does not know, but that Matt is a fool. You go girl!

Walking back to his spot Matt states that the only thing getting him through this is knowing that Shayne is around the corner. He states that he has found an amazing lover and a great friend in Shayne. He thinks she is the most genuine personwho he has ever met.

shayne-face-shot.jpgWalking up to Matt, Shayne is nervous and says that she would be heartbroken if he doesn’t pick her. Matt tells her that many times he has thought it was all too good to be true. He says he came to find a life partner and that he knows Shayne would always be there for him, just like he would always be there for her. He then gets down on one knee and she starts acting very shocked. As he proposes she says over and over, “Oh Matt!” She does say yes and after a hug and kiss she tells him that she will marry him on one condition. That he never look at another woman again for their entire relationship because he has already looked at enough of them during their relationship. He promises and then gives her the rose.

So do you think he made the right decision? I am not too sure but the track record of The Bachelor’s has not been too good. Only time will tell if Shayne should win an academy award for her acting job, or if Matt’s feelings that she is genuine are correct.

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