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Dancing with the Stars: Marissa Doesn’t Make the Finals.

May 13, 2008 07:26 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Marissa-Courtesy-ABCComing out of the semi-finals, only 5 points separates the top scorers from the bottom in this week’s Dancing with the Stars. After last night’s performance, the celebrities are ranked in the following order, according to the judges’ scores:

4th place: Marissa & Tony. “We hope we’re around next week,” Marissa says. “But if we’re not, we’re gonna be in the audience.”

3rd place: Jason & Edyta. “Thank you Len! I love you!” Jason exclaims into the camera.

2nd place: Cristian & Cheryl. “I didn’t finish in the ER! Yeah!” Cristian cheers.

1st place: Kristi & Mark. “Please bring us back next week,” Kristi begs. “We’ve got some moves for the Freestyle.”

But there’s lots to get to before we get down to eliminating someone. First, it’s the Ballroom Kids, back to perform again, this time for viewer votes to declare a winner.

First up are Aaron & Rashell, dancing a Cha Cha Cha. “We’re famous!” Aaron declares in taped footage showing the kids’ school holding a rally in their honor. “The most important thing is just to have fun and try your best,” he continues. “No matter if we lose or win, we were still on TV!” They dance to Mr. Postman, and Len commends them for their “sharp,” “crisp” moves. “Your little bums were flyin’ everywhere!” he says. Bruno loves their arm placement, and Carrie Ann calls them “cute little munchkins.”

Second on the floor are Jaryd & Cara. Cara says her life has changed since being on the show, as she’s now recognized and congratulated by strangers. They, too, get a pep rally at school and, even better, get a visit from Dancing’s Maks, who gives them pointers. After Jaryd & Cara’s Samba, Carrie Ann is choked up, claiming she wants to pick them up and carry them in her pocket. Len admits he’d rather watch Jaryd & Cara dance than “those big ones” backstage. And Bruno calls them “totally entertaining.”

The final Ballroom Kids performance comes from Brandon & Brittany, who say their friends have been ultra-supportive of them since being on the show. “We never thought we’d make it to the finals,” Brittany says. “It was a dream come true.” Brandon & Brittany perform to Phantom of the Opera. Carrie Ann is “seriously impressed” by their abilities and thanks them for performing. Bruno calls the dance “worthy of the finals,” and Len lets it slip that, while the other kids are cute and everything, these guys are “the real deal.”

But now it’s up to viewer votes to see which kid couple wins the top spot (don’t feel too bad for the ones who don’t win, by the way. All six of them and their families are going to Disneyland, courtesy of Dancing with the Stars).DWTS-Courtesy-ABc

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance tonight is an energetic tribute to the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Choreographed by Travis Payne and performed with Omarion, the dance is H-A-W-T (and makes me want to dig out my old Michael Jackson albums), and spans three songs: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Billie Jean and, of course, Thriller. Awesome!

But before long it’s time for the elimination to take place. The stars are lined up as Tom and Samantha recap last night’s judges’ comments. The first to be declared safe and moving on to the finals are Kristi & Mark. Second… Jason & Edyta! Third… Cristian & Cheryl!

Unfortunately, this means it’s the end of the road for Marissa & Tony. “Oh! So close! So close!” Marissa exclaims as she leaves the stage. “It’s been so incredible. [Tony] has worked so hard with me.” During a video stroll down memory lane, Marissa says, “This show has been everything I wanted it to be.”

Tony says, “I could not be more proud of this woman.”

Quickly, before taking to the stage for her final dance, Marissa urges viewers to go out and do something fun, something that makes you feel sexy, and, “Shake what your mama gave you!”

Next week on Dancing with the Stars:

It’s the finals!

Usher will perform!

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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