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Hell’s Kitchen Matt Makes Good!

May 13, 2008 10:29 PM by Lisa Stauber

Hell's Kitchen Matt SigelHell’s Kitchen is open for business again tonight – but not before the chefs deal with the fallout from Matt’s shocking switcheroo. He’s on the Red team now, and couldn’t be happier. “The girls don’t even have an inkling,” Ben sniffs. There’s definitely no love lost between Matt and Ben, and their rivalry has finally come to a head.

Corey’s not pleased with the switch either. “He’s not on our team. He’s blue and he’ll always be blue.” Is there anything Matt can do to please the ladies? We’ll see, because it’s time for the daily challenge!

Chef Ramsay’s been cooking up a storm, and asks the chefs to identify what is missing from several popular dishes. The catch? The meat is missing from each one, replaced with soy protein substitutes. Petrozza is the only one who notices that the beef stew has an odd texture, but everyone loves the “sausage” ravioli and “chicken” parmigiana. Ramsay’s disgusted, and puts the teams head to head in a blind and deaf taste challenge. The ladies pull ahead, and Bobby reveals that he has the weakest palate. He can’t identify shrimp, truffles, or radishes. The final test is going to be decided by Matt and Ben. Ramsay’s cooked some soup, and they each get points for identifying each of the ten ingredients. Matt identifies four, crushing any hope Ben had of winning the round for the guys.

The Blues are punished with spring cleaning duty, while the ladies – and Matt – get a spa day out on the patio. “I’m glad he’s on our team now,” Jen says as she is pampered. “I want to see Ben leave tonight, so let’s kick ass tonight!” Matt tells her.

The seventh dinner service begins, but it’s not lucky for the guys. Ramsay’s barking orders, but Ben can’t be bothered to respond. “He’s more laid back than an ironing board!” Ramsay says. Is that a joke, from the King of Mean?

Rosann has problems on the fish station, but soon gets her sea legs and starts sending out plates of scallops. Bobby and LouRoss clash, no surprise there. Does Bobby get along with anyone? Jen decides to take the lead in the Red kitchen, but she gets too big for her britches. Ramsay smacks her down and Jen spends the next hour pouting. Ramsay yells at Christina, but for a different reason. “Beautiful! Nice! Wow!” He says of her Beef Wellington.

Red’s served half of their entrees, but the poor diners on the blue side resort to eating pretzels out of their purses. Ben’s on meat station, and he’s making a mess of it. Ramsay demands answers, but Ben only has whiny excuses. “I’m not used to the brigade system,” he says. Then he sends out bloody Wellingtons for a well-done order, and mentions that he’s out of lamb. Too bad he didn’t say something ninety minutes ago when the order was taken!

Ramsay takes Petrozza to task for his disorganization. “My station was a mess,” Petrozza admits. Rosann serves up some raw fish, while Matt finally gets a compliment. “The best risotto to come out of this kitchen,” Ramsay says, and he almost brings a tear to Matt’s eye. Rosann beats him to the waterworks, though, wiping away tears after declaring she’s failed her daughter. Ramsay has plenty to say to both Jen and Rosann, but I can’t report what he said because there were bleeps over every single word!

Ramsay’s had enough of Ben’s mistakes, and fires him. Ben won’t leave, and Ramsay pulls out his trump card. “Shut it down!” He bellows, and the service is over. Matt is the winner, and the Blues are big losers. Again. Ramsay tells the guys to nominate one person each.

Ben knows he’s on the chopping block, so he tries to convince the guys that they should each nominate themselves. LouRoss won’t go along, so Ben immediately starts trying to get Bobby and Petrozza to send LouRoss packing. Petrozza won’t nominate LouRoss, and he hasn’t quite bought into the second plan, for each guy to put up one of the others so that each chef has one vote against him.

It’s time to face Ramsay, and Ben nominates LouRoss, LouRoss nominates Ben, and Bobby nominates Petrozza. Petrozza doesn’t go along with anyone’s plan, though, and nominates himself. “You are a gentleman,” Ramsay tells him, and finally sends Ben packing. He also announces that the Red team needs to send one of the ladies over to cook with the guys to even things up a little. Maybe the Blue team will actually win next week!

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