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The Bachelor: The Happy Couple Talks About The Proposal, The Engagement, and… Monkey?

May 15, 2008 08:04 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Matt-and-Shayne-Courtesy-ABCMillions of viewers tuned in to see who hunky Brit Matt Grant would choose for the final rose in this season of The Bachelor: London Calling. Would he choose Chelsea, ultra-gorgeous but a bit stand-offish? Or would he go for Shayne, the pretty blond actress who had many people wondering if The Bachelor was just her latest acting role?

In the end, Matt chose Shayne, in a sweet proposal that may not have shocked viewers, but sure seemed to surprise the final two ladies.

In a recent teleconference, the happy couple talked about their big moment on TV.

“I think that was an out-of-body experience, to be honest with you. I didn’t know what I was feeling,” Shayne says of the moment Matt proposed to her. “I mean, I was literally – my knees were about to give out. You know, when you think, when you’re a little girl, about being proposed to, it’s – in your mind it’s this magical moment. And I think even if your, you know, soon-to-be fiancà asks you to marry him in the bathroom, it’s just – for some reason in that moment, you’re just – you know, you’re in awe,” she adds.

But Shayne’s overwhelming feeling was of happiness, so much so that she didn’t really care if the cameras were rolling or not. “I mean, it’s just a lifelong, you know, dream for somebody to get down on their knee and ask you to marry them. So I think in that moment I was just taking it in and…I didn’t even know what was going on around me,” she says. “I didn’t care. All I cared about was what was in front of me and it was beautiful. It was – I was so shocked, so shocked and just thrilled. It was amazing.”

For Matt, the big moment was not overly-rehearsed, but was just an outpouring of all the feelings that had been building up inside him over the course of the show. “…In the morning I was thinking what I wanted to say to Shayne. And, you know, I put together a lot of stuff in my head that morning,” he says. “It was exactly how I felt and it really was quite straightforward to me, sort of stay – open up and just let her know exactly how I felt.”

Now Shayne sports a $60,000 nearly three-carat Tacori Platinum and Diamond Eternity rock on her finger and a hot British fiance on her arm.

One thing that viewers did pick up on was Matt’s use of the pet name “Monkey” for Shayne–a name, they claim, that came to be during their ski trip to Sun Valley. “…Snow monkey,” Matt begins. “If you wanted to delve into the sort of history of monkey, it comes from Idaho Sun Valley. And it’s when we were all in our kind of snowboard – Shayne was in her snowboard outfit. I was in my ski outfit and we were kind of cuddling around in the snow. And…”

Shayne interrupts: “And then he started calling me snow monkey. And then the next day I think I jumped on his back. And he was just like, you’re just monkey – monkeying around. And so – and then I’m so short, too, compared to him. He looks down on me when I’m just walking around. I mean, I’m 5’2″ and he just calls me monkey,” she says.

As for the wedding… well, that’s still in the distance. The two explain that, while they’ve been together for three months, they’re still working out living and travel arrangements between his home of London and hers of LA and want to see how that all shakes out before making any official plans.

Right now the plan is to just be in love and enjoy it.

Photo Courtesy: Adam Larkey/ABC

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