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American Idol: Syesha Mercado Never Packed Her Bags

May 16, 2008 01:12 AM by Joe Reality

Ray Mickshaw/FOXDuring American Idol 7, Syesha Mercado became a frequent fixture in the bottom three or two. Despite all those brushes with elimination, Syesha Mercado kept a positive attitude. During a media call with reporters, Syesha revealed, “Every week is new, and I never packed my bag. They told us, ‘You got to pack your bags.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not packing my bags because I don’t want to go home yet. I’m not ready.’”

Syesha added, “So I think if you want something, it’s going to happen for you. If you want to be top three, you’re going to get top three. If you want to win, you’re going to win. Whoever is the most passionate, they’re going to win. Whichever David’s the most passionate, they’re going to win. So every week, like I said, I set a goal, and I just wasn’t ready to go home. I didn’t pack my bags because I wasn’t ready.”

It wasn’t only her positive attitude that kept Syesha safe week after week. Perhaps more than any other finalist, Syesha kept getting better and better ever week. If American Idol 7 gave an award for most improved finalist, Syesha would likely be a shoe-in. All that improvement didn’t come by just luck, but was the result of a lot of effort and practice on Syesha’s part.

Syesha said, “I consider myself a hard worker, and I’m always rehearsing. I’m always trying to improve. And when I first stepped into the competition, I was really in a little shell and – because of the vocal resting and it kind of separated me from everybody else, so I don’t feel like I was at my full potential because of the entire negative mind frame that I was in because of, like ‘Oh, nobody really sees who I am.’ And I was so focused on that, that it was really harming my performance. And once I got my mind right again like it was in the beginning of the competition, my first audition, I became more comfortable with myself and the stage. And the feeling of being overlooked completely subsided, and it was just a matter of being consistent every week and eventually, people would recognize me, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Syesha added, “And I just enjoyed myself more every week, and I separated that line, that fine line, between overworking and doing so much to the point you’re unfocused, not enjoying yourself, and doing enough and trusting yourself and letting go and taking it all in. So my goal every week was to feel satisfied after every show. And I felt more satisfied the more the weeks went on.”

Now that her American Idol journey has finally come to an end, Syesha Mercado has no plans to abandon her hard work ethic that helped get her to third place. In regards to the future, Syesha said, “Well, as I tell people, I want to do everything, and I’m really goal-oriented, so I know that whatever goal I set, it can be accomplished, whether it’s within a year span or whatever, ten years. So I want to make an album. I want to star in a film. I want to do Broadway. I want to open up an organic restaurant, and like a lupus foundation, homeless foundation. It just depends on what comes first, but I have goals that I want to do, and I write them down and going to continue to look at them. Basically, whatever opportunity comes first and what’s the best career move for me, that’s pretty much what’s going to happen.”

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Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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