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Exclusive Interview With Joey Kovar Of The Real World Hollywood

May 17, 2008 09:28 PM by Joe Reality

Joey Kovar Real World Hollywood is the twentieth season of the Real World. The series is currently airing on MTV on Wednesday nights starting at 10 PM ET/PT. There are seven cast members on this season, and one of them is personal trainer and former bodybuilder Joey Kovar from Chicago, Illinois.

Real World expert and journalist Neal Damiano recently caught up with Real World Hollywood cast member Joey Kovar at the Alchemy night club in New Haven, Connecticut (thanks to Robert LaFrance). Joey Kovar granted Neal Damiano an exclusive interview for Reality TV Magazine.

How did you get cast for Real World Hollywood?

Joey Kovar: It’s funny I didn’t even show up to the casting calls in Chicago. They actually sent me an email on MySpace asking me if I ever considered being on the Real World. I said, ‘Yes.’ I had been doing acting for the past year and a half. I thought it would be good exposure, so of all the Real Worlds, Hollywood was the one to be on.

How did the casting process go for you?

Joey Kovar: Basically I can’t really give away too much info on it because I am under contract, but it was a series of intense video taped interviews.

Who did you relate to the most with your roommates?

Joey Kovar: Right off the bat I related with Dave the most. He was really open and a crazy guy at the time. That was me too, always up for going out and having a good time. As the season went on, it was Greg, believe it or not, because he’s like me,doesn’t hold back any punches, tells it like it is, where as some of the other roommates held back when the cameras were around.

Early on they showed an attraction between Brianna and you stirring up, what happened with that?

Joey Kovar: When I first saw her, I was totally attracted because the girls I’m into are mainly exotic and Brianna has that look. She made me feel really good about myself and she made me really happy. But as time went on she started playing games, calling me conceited because I work out. But I work out for myself, and I thought she sort of had a self centered personality towards the end.

How did you deal with the temptation of Hollywood and the clubs and cameras, alcohol constantly around, given your past addiction history?

Joey Kovar: Before I got on the show, I was clean & sober for four months. Then, when I get to the house, we are in a locked down environment with no outside outlets like TV or radio and dealing with six other people you don’t know. You’re in Hollywood with drugs and alcohol constantly there for free. It just chipped away at me, and I gave into it.

What was your main reason for wanting to be on the Real World?

Joey Kovar: Without sounding conceited, I feel I have a strong ability to become something in life. My whole life people have told me you have a special exotic look to you, with a lot of charisma. I thought to myself this is an opportunity to show this to the world. Show my charisma and musical talents, show everything you have to offer.

What was the best part of the whole Real World experience?

Joey Kovar: The best part of being on Real World basically as far as my experience was getting the help I needed. With that said, I’m going to be honest, it was very stressful experience for me with too much temptation. Combined with the stress it was just too much for me to handle at first.

Joey Kovar’s official MySpace page is located here.

Photo Courtesy: Neal Damiano

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