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American Gladiators: The Women Bring It On!

May 19, 2008 08:49 PM by Paulene Hinds

american-gladiators-logothumbnail.jpgTonight on American Gladiators two cops from Chicago and two cops from Denver compete!

On the second show of the season, friends turn to foes to compete for the money. The cops come out to bring the heat.

First up are Melvin Davis and David Moore from Chicago. They work together on the Police department. Melvin is a seasoned veteran and David calls him his mentor. David feels he is younger and stronger and confident he can win. Melvin says he is doing it for the older guys and that he is more seasoned.

The first event is Power ball. They have one minute to score points as the Gladiators try to crush them. The Gladiators are: Toa, Justice and Titan. The contenders throw their balls into the bin as they both get double teamed. The Gladiators continue to take the contenders down and the men end up each having one point. David jokes that he will roll Melvin out in the chair when he wins and Melvin says he will give him his pacifier.

The two female contenders and best friends are Vicky Ferrari and Abbe Dorn they are from the same district in Denver. They are competitive and although Abbe is stronger physically Vicky feels she is more of a mental competitor.

It is a brand new event called Rocket Ball. The Gladiators are: Jet and Phoenix. They have to launch themselves toward the baskets and earn one point for each yellow and two for each red basket. The female contenders fly through the air and they converge at the same time. Both contenders get 2 points. In the end the tough cops get 11 points combined. The winner of this round is Abbe with 6 points and Vicki with 5.

The next men’s event is the Joust. The Gladiator is Titan and he is undefeated in this event. As they begin, Titan comes on strong and David ends up over the line which causes him to lose and receive no points. Melvin is up next and Titan tells him to stay low, tuck his head and when he dives in he will feel alright. Melvin and Titan battle it out. But Melvin goes for the water immediately with one mighty wallop. The score is still tied and Melvin sets a new record for going into the water the fastest ever!

In the next women’s event, Hulk tells the ladies, that Venom will be trying to take a bite out of Abbe. Venom tells her that she looks like her Barbie that she snapped the head off of. The event begins and Abbe tries to make her way across the rings to get to the other side. She does it and scores 5 points. Vicki is up next and tries her strategy. In one minute she tries to get to the other side. Venom clutches onto her and she ends up in the water. The score is 11 for Abbe and 5 for Vicki.

The next event is Earthquake. Melvin is up and ready to go against Toa. As they balance on the platform, Toa takes him down and they both end up in the water giving Melvin 10 points because Toa ended up in the water too. David comes up and Laila tells him of the new lead. He says he brought his game and will do it again. David tries to keep up with his mentor as he battles Toa. Again both men end up in the water and he also gets 10 points. Both contenders are tied with 11 points each.

The women take their turn on Earthquake and Laila asks Abbe if she is worried Vicki will sneak up on her. Crush is the Gladiator. When the event begins, Crush gets on top right away and Abbe hangs tough. Crush wraps herself around her neck, but Abbe hangs on and she gets 5 points. Crush is ticked off with the tie and she goes right after Vicki. Crush tries to bring her down, but Vicki refuses to go and once again they score 5 points each. The score is 16 to 10 for Abbe.

Next the men battle the Gauntlet. David is the first to go for it. He says the title is going to Chicago. The Gladiators are: Toa Wolf, Militia and Justice. He hit’s the first three and floats past them. Justice fights him but David breaks free making it through and earns a new record for going through the fastest. He earns 10 points. Melvin is up next and the Gladiators look for revenge. He is knocked back by Toa and he gets through. Militia keeps him down and he ends up with 3 points. The score is 15 to 21 for David.

Next up for the women, Helga comes out for the Assault. Abbe appears to work her way through the event with ease and even makes it to the fifth station. She almost makes it to the buzzer, but can’t do it before the time is up. Vicki is next and tries to match Abbe. She makes it to the fourth station and runs out of time. The score is 21 to 14 for Abbe.

The next event is new. It is called Sky track. The men encounter the new event and the Gladiators are: Wolf, and Militia. They have to make their way around the loop in the sky and the first to get through gets 10 points, while the second receives 5. If they get pulled by the rip cord, they will get zero. The two men race across the track with their upper body as the Gladiators pursue them. David is pulled off by Militia and the Wolf pulls Melvin down telling them to call 911 two officers down.

The women are up next for Sky track. Their Gladiators are Crush and Jet. The women pull themselves across the track and Crush chases Vicki, while Abbe keeps a lead. Crush grabs Vicki and then Jet pulls down Abbe. The score is 21 to 14 for Abbe.

The Wall is up next and the Hulk shows them the new mountain. David is up against the Rocket and Melvin is with a new Gladiator, Zen. The contenders get a 7 second head start and Zen chases Melvin as Rocket closes in on David. Zen gets under Melvin and pulls him off. Rocket is on top of David and pulls him off too. The score is 15 to 21 for David and he gets a 6 second head start in the Eliminator for his lead.

The women attempt the Wall next. Hulk asks Abbe how she feels and she says she is ready to bring it! Venom is after Abbe and Phoenix will be after Vicki. The women go, but Vicki is no match for Phoenix. Abbe begins to pull away as Vicki goes down. Abbe almost makes it to the top, but slips! The score is 21 to 14 giving Abbe a 3.5 second lead in the Eliminator.

In the Eliminator, Melvin and David try for 100,00 dollars and a new Toyota Sequoia. David gets a head start on Melvin because of his point lead. David stays ahead of his competitor throughout most of the event appearing not to be tired at all. Melvin lags behind him. David attempts each event and achieves it without difficulty. On the last stretch of the event David tires and cannot get up the travelator. David takes a breath and tries twice to get the rope as Melvin catches up with him. David comes down again with Melvin beside him. Melvin attempts it again, running on empty and pulls away! David tries to catch up but Melvin wins with a time of 10 minutes and 30 seconds! The Hulk congratulates Melvin and David tells everyone at home that the travelator is no joke! Melvin tells everyone that age doesn’t matter when it comes to the Eliminator.

Next the women go for the prize! Abbe tells Vicki that she loves her and to give it 100%. Abbe gets a head start because of her point lead. Abbe gets to the top and goes for it. Vicki makes it up behind her and lags behind. Abbe continues to go and runs through events easily. Abbe pulls herself up the travelator and she makes it over the top and through the banner to win with a time of 2 minutes and 58 seconds, compared to the men’s over 10 minute time. Abbe cheers Vicki on as she finishes the course.

They prove that they are anything but ordinary!

The women’s standings at the end of the show are: Abbe in first place with a time of 2 minutes and 58 seconds, Vanessa is in second place with 3 minutes and 36 seconds and Mellissa is in third place with 9 minutes and 42 seconds.

The men’s standings are: Randee with 2 minutes and 6 seconds is in first place, Gerry is second with a time of 3 minutes and 2 seconds and third is Melvin with a time of 9 minutes and 42 seconds.

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Picture courtesy of NBC

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  1. TwangThang Says:
    June 8th, 2008 at 11:32 am

    cant wait to see the new episode on monday at 8pm!! Laila is so pretty preggers!


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