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Dancing with the Stars: Kristi Scores a Perfect Night!

May 19, 2008 09:06 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Kristi-Yamaguchi-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCIt’s the final performance night of the season, as Kristi, Cristian and Jason Cha Cha Cha for their Dancing with the Stars lives. The first performance will be a Cha Cha Cha Face-off, with each of the dancing teams taking one minute of an extended song and dancing back-to-back so the judges and the viewers can get a good look at their abilities compared to one another.

Cristian comes into the dance optimistic, saying this will be a good opportunity to really see who’s the best dancer. Jason wants to overcome the three 8′s he got on his last Cha Cha, while Kristi worries that Jason’s and Cristian’s charisma will beat her out.

First up are Cristian & Cheryl, in shimmering purple, dancing with tons of energy and hip action. Next are Jason & Edyta, looking gorgeous in yellow. Finally Kristi & Mark dance, with Kristi planting a smooch on Bruno’s lips. After all three couples dance, the three finalists dance together, ending in a lift, with Jason and Cristian holding Kristi high up in the air.

“At my age it takes a lot to get me excited,” Len says, “but this really got me going!” He commends Cristian for having “the gear at the rear,” commiserates with Jason for having to dance a Latin number (not his strong suit), and calls Kristi “the complete package.” Bruno likes Cristian’s improvement over the season, felt that Jason was a bit off, but thinks Kristi is a class of her own. Carrie Ann thinks Cristian’s injury has affected his posture negatively. She, too, feels bad for Jason for having to compete in a Latin dance. To Kristi, Carrie Ann says, “It’s Ladies Night! You won that hands-down!”Jason-Taylor-Courtesy-ABC

The scores are revealed for the Cha Cha Face-off. Cristian & Cheryl score a 26; Jason & Edyta get a 24; Kristi brings home a perfect 30!

Next up is the infamous Dancing with the Stars final round Freestyle dance. First up are Kristi & Mark, who want to bring strength to rival Jason’s, personality to rival Cristian’s, and more. Julianne Hough makes an appearance during rehearsals to help Kristi learn a little about lifts. The dance is a super-energetic Latin Hip Hop fusion with a Michael Jackson-esque twist. The couple wears sparkly ‘Eighties-style suits and pull off lifts, backflips, even a moonwalk! Bruno calls it “an inspiring infusion of Mambo and Hip Hop.” Carrie Ann says they’re the big crowd pleaser of the night. Len says the dance held his attention from start to finish. The judges give Kristi her second perfect 30 of the night.

Jason & Edyta are up next. Edyta is particularly excited because after six seasons on the show this is her first time to make it to the finals. She brings in some special helpers for practicing Jason’s lift moves: His kids! Jason says it’s the finals so it’s time to “go big or go home. And I ain’t goin’ home!” The couple dances a sexy clothes-ripping, beach ball-tossing dance to Will Smith’s Miami. Carrie Ann says, “Who knew? Jason Taylor can get funky!” Len liked the humor and loved the lifts. Bruno says he felt like he was watching a couple of centerfolds dance. The judges give Jason’s Miami a 27 (to boos from the crowd).

Cristian-Cheryl-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCCristian & Cheryl are last to go. Cristian is determined to add in lifts and wows to their routine, although Cheryl is a little skeptical about their ability to do so with his injury. “I’m already broken, so bring it on,” Cristian says. They dance a hot Latin number with plenty of one-armed lifts and booty-shaking, but it doesn’t do much to wow the judges. Len loves the Latin-American flavor, but feels the lifts weren’t up to snuff. Bruno says that for only having one arm to use, Cristian “did bloody well,” but Carrie Ann says Cristian’s dance couldn’t compare to Kristi’s dance. The judges give Cristian & Cheryl a 26 (more boos).

Going into tomorrow night’s Results Show, the couples are ranked as follows:

1st place: Kristi & Mark

2nd place: Cristian & Cheryl

3rd place: Jason & Edyta

Tomorrow night, someone will be sent packing immediately, followed by a final dance performed by the last two couples standing. A winner will be crowned and a coveted mirrorball trophy will be handed out!

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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