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Flavor Of Love 3 Winner Is Thing 2

May 19, 2008 09:20 PM by Joe Reality

Thing 2 Flavor Of LoveOn the Flavor Of Love 3 finale, Black and Thing 2 competed to win Flavor Flav’s heart. At the final elimination ceremony, Flavor Flav asked the two women to speak first.

Black said, “I mean this is me. What we got going right now is real, and I know that you can feel it, because I can feel it. And yes, it’s a little scary, you know, but I just want you to know that you’ve got a good woman right here in front of you right now. I just need you to believe in me.”

Thing 2 said, “I just want to say I know that you had your doubts about me at the elimination, but you gave me a chance. You took a chance on me, so I just want to tell you, Flav, you changed my life, you know what I mean, in a way that nobody ever, ever did. I seen part of the world because of you. This wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t with you. And Flav, I would be honored to see the rest of it with you. I love you. That’s all.”

Flavor Flav said, “I just want to say that it really comes down to the question of connections versus chemistry.” Flavor Flav continued, “Black, I look at you, my heart and my chest be jumping. It jumps, it jumps, you know what I’m saying. That heart that’s in my chest that be jumping, as much as I love you Black, but it belongs to Thing 2. I just want to say you’re a great girl, Black. The connection I’ve got with Thing 2 is a little stronger. So, Black, sorry your time is up.”

After kissing Flavor Flav, Thing 2 said, “This is more than I ever imagined. The words can’t even explain the ball of emotion, excitement. I got my man. We ain’t coming back for a season four. It’s a wrap.” Flavor Flav presented Thing 2 with a set of gold teeth grills. In a preview of the Flavor Of Love 3 reunion show, Flavor Flav is shown asking someone to marry him, but it’s not clear if it is Thing 2 or someone else.

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