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RTV Predicts: Our Writers Predict the Week Ahead…

May 19, 2008 05:53 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Hell's Kitchen Matt SigelWith some of the biggest shows coming to an end for the season, we can’t help but talk about what’s happening on reality TV. Who will be left singing, dancing, cooking, playing… and who will go home defeated?

At Reality TV Magazine, we’ve been watching the big shows. We’ve asked our writers what they think will happen this week. Here’s what they said:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. Just like every year, the American Idol finale will highlight some of the wackiest auditions from this season. I predict that Renaldo Lapuz, who sang his original song, “We Are Brothers Forever,” will be one of them.

2. Even though both remaining contestants are named David, Paula Abdul will become confused and call either one or possibly both of the contestants by the wrong name.

3. With absolute certainty, I can predict that David will win American Idol.

Jen, on Dancing with the Stars:

Okay, does anyone actually think someone other than Kristi Yamaguchi is going to walk away with this thing? They’ve done a nice job of keeping her out of the top spot for a few weeks, but really, the woman is used to dancing… on blades… on ice. Oh yeah, and winning Olympic gold medals for it! It’s perhaps one of the unfairest match-ups ever, and unless viewers go on a voting rampage, there’s just no way Kristi can (or should) be beat.

Jen, on The Bachelorette:

DeAnna Pappas takes a bow tonight as the newest Bachelorette looking for love (and revenge?). Twenty-five hot guys will line up to meet DeAnna tonight and we’ll see a side of her we’ve not yet seen: strong and in-control. She’ll still have her guard up tonight, but it won’t take long for it to start to be torn down. I predict that, over the season, DeAnna will become the most loved Bachelorette ever (sorry, Trista).

Jen, on Hell’s Kitchen:

This week has got to be the week that the girls take a good, hard hit. They’ve been completely walloping the guys and it’s about to catch up with them. Matt will continue to make good over on the girls’ team, but Jen will head to the guys’ team and will struggle against egos over there. My prediction: a girl’s team member will go home this week… but will it be a girl (ahem–watch your back, Matty!)?

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