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The Bachelorette: The Guys Make Their First Impressions on DeAnna…

May 19, 2008 09:32 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Paul-Courtesy-ABCFinally, what Bachelor fans have been waiting for ever since Bachelor Brad Womack said, “I don’t.” It’s DeAnna’s turn to hand out the roses! “Getting over Brad was very difficult for me,” DeAnna says, coming into the season premiere of The Bachelorette. “It broke America’s heart.”

Yet tonight America’s most famous jilted lover feels like “the luckiest woman in the world,” as she prepares to meet 25 guys, all of whom are looking for love… with her. On deck tonight are 25 hotties with a purpose, including an oyster farmer, a single dad, a virgin, a martial arts master, a Science nerd, a barbershop owner and a chef, just to name a few. “I totally believe in this show. I totally believe that this can happen,” DeAnna says.

So what does DeAnna say she’s looking for in a man? First and foremost, someone who knows what he wants (ahem! Brad, I think that was aimed at you…). But also someone who’s caring, loves his family, respects her and makes her laugh, but also doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

And there are plenty of guys determined not to get lost in this crowd, that’s for sure. There are three First Impression roses for DeAnna to give out, and the guys are vying for them, big-time. Robert, a chef, whips up a little crab salad for DeAnna. Luke, the oyster farmer, brings her a pearl necklace. Richard, too, gives her a gem, while Eric hopes to make a connection by speaking to her in Greek. Sean, a martial arts master, kicks a lemon off of Jesse’s head, which DeAnna finds “kind of weird, but it caught my attention.” Chandler thinks it’s sexy to call her to him using a duck call (um… not so much), while Brian grabs her hand and forces her to rub his rock hard abs (uh… personal space…???). Paul makes the impression of the night by jumping into the pool (it’s freezing outside, did I mention that?) in his suit and then stripping down to a Speedo, on the back of which is printed “DeAnna.”Sean-Jesse-Courtesy-ABC

DeAnna has a huge decision to make tonight. She must whittle down the 25 guys to 15 by the end of the night. It’s a big job for one person, so DeAnna brings in old pal Jenni, who was also jilted by Brad Womack. The two girls have become great friends and DeAnna trusts Jenni’s instincts in finding the right guy. Jenni sits down on the patio with a notebook and lots of tough questions for the guys. After interviewing, she shares what she discovered with DeAnna.

Based on Jenni’s recommendations and DeAnna’s experiences, DeAnna gives the three first impression roses to Jeremy, Jesse and Richard. The rest of the guys get roses in this order:

1st: Ron (who admitted to being divorced in their first conversation)

2nd: Graham (who DeAnna calls “easy to look at” and 100% her type)

3rd: Eric (whose mom is probably already planning her big fat Greek wedding)

Graham-Courtesy-ABC4th: Robert (the chef)

5th: Sean (the martial arts master)

6th: Ryan (the virgin NFL player)

7th: Chris

8th: Paul (back in a suit now, his Speedo safely covered up)

9th: Fred

10th: Twilley (AKA: This season’s Bob Guiney)

11th: Jason (the adorable single dad)

12th: Brian from Texas (NOT Mr. Feel My Abs)

Luke says, “The chemistry obviously wasn’t there for her. …I’ll go home.”

But Chandler isn’t so accepting of it. “I was given the opportunity of a lifetime and I think I blew it,” he says, fighting to hold back tears.

Mr. Feel My Abs, however, thinks she’s made a mistake, and proves it by ripping off his shirt to show off his many tattoos and howling at the moon (Okaaaaay…).

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Photo Courtesy: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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