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Hell’s Kitchen: Matt Cuts Up!

May 20, 2008 10:02 PM by Lisa Stauber

Matt Sigel on Hell's KitchenThis week on Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay has ordered one of the Reds to join the Blues. Corey wants Jen gone. “The sooner we get her out of here, the better,” she says. Jen could care less what Corey thinks. “She thinks I’m stupid,” Jen says.

After sleeping on it, though, Jen decides to switch teams. “I’m happy with Jen leaving,” Christina says. Do any of the team members get along?

Ramsay provides the chefs with 20 ingredients, and challenges them to make four dishes, using all of the ingredients only once per team. The Red team jumps right in, organized and efficient. The Blues don’t talk much, and Jen starts grabbing everything for her dish. LouRoss is left with fish and veal to make a surf and turf, and he’s not happy.

Matt is a little too enthusiastic, and loses a finger. The camera captures it all, and we are treated to several views of his injury. Work on those knife skills, Matt! The other ladies swoop in to take up the slack, but they forgot one important detail: where’s the fingertip? While the Red team scrambles to make up for Matt’s injury, the Blue team has a crisis. LouRoss refuses to plate the veal. “Veal next to red snapper would have thrown off the taste,” he says. Unfortunately, that leaves the Blues with 19 ingredients, and an automatic loss.

Punishment today is laundry duty – by hand. And when Ramsay says “by hand” he means it. The Blues start scrubbing with washboards, pails, and wringers. Maitre d’ Jean Phillip tries to lighten things up. “Are you going to be bitchy all day,” he politely inquires of Jen. She can’t stop muttering under her breath, and isn’t exactly a team player as she insults LouRoss and the other guys.

The Red team is rewarded with a photo shoot with In Touch magazine. The return refreshed and peaceful, and the prep work is happy. “The bully is gone,” they rejoice. Seems everyone is glad Jen is on the Blue team – everyone but the Blue team members, that is!

Tonight, Hell’s Kitchen is hosting two premier food critics. Sophie Gayot, of Gayot Guides, and Merril Schindler, of Zagat, will be judging the food. Corey leads the Reds on hot appetizers. Her dishes pass Ramsay’s test. “Very nice, that risotto,” he tells her. LouRoss redeems himself with his appetizers as well. “LouRoss, they’re beautiful! These scallops are perfect!” Ramsay declares. The critics love them, too.

Petrozza is on the meat station in the Blue kitchen, and he cuts the meat too early. LouRoss hustles to complete the dish while the juice leaks out and the beef dries up. Ramsay yells at Petrozza over and over, but Petrozza keeps his cool. Matt is on the meat station over in the Red kitchen, and he’s not doing any better. The first tears come from a man this week, as Matt breaks down.

Christina overcooks the salmon. “My timing was so wrong. All of the sudden I had a train wreck!” she says. She’s not the only Red chef struggling. Rosann runs out of veggies. The garnish is also burned – thanks again, Rosann! – and there isn’t any more to be had. Meanwhile, the diners on the Red side are going hungry, and the critics are noticing. They love Blue Team’s food and LouRoss’s salmon, but wonder why half the restaurant hasn’t been served yet.

Matt plates up two overcooked hockey pucks of beef, and Ramsay can’t take it anymore. He shuts down the Reds and shoos them out. Corey starts crying, too. “It sucks!” she cries. The blue team is still booking in the kitchen though, and Jen couldn’t be happier, now that she’s shown up her old teammates.

Corey is the best of the worst, and decides to put Rosann and Matt up for elimination. She chose Matt for his performance. Why Rosann? “I never want to work with her in a kitchen ever again in service,” Corey says bluntly. “I agree,” Ramsay says, but isn’t satisfied until he’s called Christina out as well. After a brief deliberation, Rosann is sent home with a surprisingly tender, “Goodnight, my darling,” from Ramsay. Matt and Christina don’t feel safe, though. “I feel like my days are numbered,” Christina says. If Corey has anything to say about it, they are!

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