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American Idol Winner David Cook Addresses Conspiracy Theories

May 24, 2008 09:36 AM by Joe Reality

Simon Cowell WinksAmerican Idol just wouldn’t be American Idol without viewers talking about various conspiracy theories. Shocking eliminations, judges giving feedback on songs that haven’t been sung, and surprise winners have helped to fuel the fire of American Idol conspiracy theories.

Even though the American Idol judges seemed to be anointing David Archuleta as the winner during the American Idol 7 final performance show, it was David Cook who wound up the surprise winner in a landslide. Some fans have speculated that Simon Cowell was rough on David Cook, because he intentionally wanted to created a backlash that would drive more votes to David Cook. This conspiracy theory has been fueled by the fact that Simon Cowell winked at David Cook after criticizing him for making the wrong song choice on the finale.

When asked if Simon Cowell’s criticism helped push his fans to vote more, David Cook said, “Wow. That’s not a bad theory. I don’t know. You know, all I can hope is that it was based on my own merit. Regardless, I’m happy where I’m at. Simon’s blunt and he’s honest and that’s why they pay him the money that they pay him. The goal of the season for me was just to try to find some constructive criticism on what he was saying, which sometimes was a little tough, but that’s part of the show.”

Another popular American Idol conspiracy theory is that some contestants intentionally throw the competition because they are afraid they will be forced into putting out a pop album if they are the winner. When asked about the theory that it might be better not to win in order to keep rocker credibility, David Cook said, “Well, I mean obviously the theory’s there. Did it cross my mind at any point in the competition? I mean, sure, but only as an objective point. I think going into this with an idea that you don’t want to win I think is a huge slap in the face to the 103,000 people that auditioned this season that really wanted to win, so I definitely went into this to try to win it.”

David Cook continued, “As far as having more success by not being a winner, I think that’s something that’ll get played out hopefully in the next couple of years. I think Daughtry’s success is amazing. So for me like right now I’m not trying to be Daughtry. You know, I’m just trying to put out a solid record. Even if it doesn’t do well commercially, as long as I can say that I put out a record that I’m proud of, that’s the goal right now and hopefully if I can do that, then success will follow.”

After winning American Idol 7, David Cook broke down into tears. While the tears obviously looked like tears of happiness, some fans speculated that David Cook was upset about winning. In regards to the tears, David Cook explained, “Everybody talks about how towards the end I started crying a lot. Well, you know there was just a lot of intensity into the last few weeks as far as just what was at stake and all the work that had been put into it. I said in a lot of interviews yesterday the crying after I won was like an exhale. This whole experience has been about eight months, including auditions. I felt like that whole time I was just holding my breath. So to be able to breathe and to enjoy the moment was amazing.”

Why does David Cook think he won American Idol by 12 million votes? In the end, David Cook said, “You know, I think that number is actually really misleading. Obviously within the bubble of Idol, it’s hard to kind of get a vibe on what’s going on. I thought Archie was probably a little bit ahead of me if I’m being honest. I think as far as the finale goes, there’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there. I attribute the finale vote discrepancy just to my fans just being awesome. I don’t really know how else to explain it. You know, my hats off to Archie for the whole scenario. I mean, he handled himself with a lot of grace. More importantly, he’s just an amazing human being, so I was just honored to share the stage with him.”

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