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American Gladiators: Brick’s Triumph!

May 26, 2008 06:56 PM by Candace Young

Crush!The third episode of American Gladiators begins tonight with the two female contenders: Tiffaney Florentine, a military cop, and De Day, a happily married mom from Sarasota, Florida who plans to use her husband’s tips to come out on top. As things get under way, the ladies will try to climb the Pyramid! Tiffaney will face the mighty Crush, while De goes against fiery Phoenix. Both ladies give it their all – Crush even loses her helmet! In the end, neither contender is able to make it past the Gladiators and up the Pyramid.

Next up are the male contenders: Brick Reilly, a man who was born deaf and hails from New Jersey. He will tackle Hang Tough! He explains that he will remove his cochlear implant when he competes. His opposition is the ever-ready Wolf, who howls his intention to bring Brick down into the water! The event starts and Wolf grabs Brick fairly quickly, but the contender is able to pull free and hang on, although he doesn’t make it to the platform. Toby Gordin, a grocer and dad, is the next contender to take on Wolf in Hang Tough. Wolf promises to send Toby home to his kids real quick! True to his word, Wolf manages to get his legs around Toby’s neck in a leg lock, and takes him down into the water in fairly short order.

De Day will now face Crush on her best event, Joust. De and Crush start and Crush immediately hits De hard, knocking her onto her knees, and sending her weapon into the water. The whistle blows – Crush wins. Next up, Tiffaney will try her luck against Crush in the Joust. She fares no better than her predecessor as Crush knocks her off-balance and into the water within seconds!

The men are now ready for Joust. Toby is up on the platform talking tough about jousting against the huge Gladiator, Justice. When both men are ready, the whistle goes. Toby hangs in for more than ten seconds, but is sent neatly into the water without even landing a hit on Justice! Brick is up next on Joust, and once the round starts, the audience goes crazy when, after a flurry of hits, both the contender and the Gladiator go sailing into the water at seemingly the same time! After a video review, however, the referee rules that Brick’s feet left the platform first, giving the victory to Justice, the Gladiator.

The female contenders prepare to face Venom and Jet in Rocketball. The event is started by the referee’s whistle, with both contenders and Gladiators flying through the air trying to net some baskets. When the buzzer goes Tiffaney has 5 points and De has 4 points! Finally, they’re on the board! The men are up next in Rocketball, and will surely be able to score some points as well. Toby and Brick face Zen and Titan in the air, as the match gets underway. After a lot of entertaining maneuvering, the buzzer sounds and the men are left tied at 4 points apiece!

Earthquake is the next event, where contender meets Gladiator on a moving disc in the air! De will be going first, facing the brand-new, ice-cold Gladiator, Steel. Steel’s trademark is her silence. Hulk wishes De luck and the match begins. The ladies scrabble and wrestle and remarkably, De is able to hold on and score 5 points! Tiffaney comes forward for her chance against Steel in Earthquake. The whistle blows and the pair become locked in battle, soon Tiffaney is headed off the edge, but wait – she takes the Gladiator into the water with her! 10 points!

Brick and Laila!Vertigo is the next challenge – contenders face Gladiators on tall, swaying poles! Brick is confident as he prepares to meet Rocket in this event. As the tow men climb the poles, the commentator reminds us that Brick climbs trees for his job! In the end, Brick’s confidence in himself is rewarded – he scores 10 big points! Toby’s turn on Vertigo is next and Rocket is seeking redemption! Rocket is super fast and Toby is only able to get into the 5 point scoring zone before Rocket completes the race.

Hellga and Tiffaney!Across the arena, the ladies prepare for the newest event, Tilt, which involves balancing on pivoting platforms high above the water while pulling on a tug-of-war rope! The lady contenders are daunted to discover they will be on the wrong end of the rope from Hellga! Tiffaney takes on the Gladiator first, and Hellga is able to pull her off of the platform and into the water fairly quickly. De takes her spot on the pivoting platform, and tells Hulk she has a secret strategy! The whistle blows to start the event and De takes a stunning early advantage, pulling Hellga off-balance and ultimately into the drink! Contender De shrieks with glee!

The men now face the Tilt platforms. First up, Toby, who will have to attempt to pull Toa into the water. No luck for Toby though, as the Gladiator pulls him roughly into the water almost immediately! The mighty Toa now faces the ever-confident Brick. After a battle of balance, Brick amazes the crowd by succeeding in yanking Toa down off of his platform and into the water below!

Skytrack will be the final event before the brutal Eliminator. Contenders race against each other as well as a Gladiator on a track on the ceiling. Tiffaney is running from Crush, and De from Venom! Tiffaney is the first to drop from the ceiling as Crush catches up with her. Moments later, Venom pulls De down as well. After 6 events, De is leading 19 points to 14 points and will enjoy a 2 second lead in Eliminator.

The men will attempt Skytrack now. Toby will be chased down by Militia, while Brick will be tracked by Zen. Toby is caught and pulled down with not much effort on Militia’s part, and the remarkable Brick is able to outrace Zen for an additional 10 points!

Hulk announces that the women are set to run the Eliminator for the win. Tiffaney states that she wants it really bad, and De says she is about to come alive! De is off on the first whistle with a two second lead. Tiffaney takes the lead underwater and reaches the cargo net first! They are neck-and-neck at the top of the cargo net and both make it across the rope swing. The tightrope proves simple for both of the ladies, but De loses it on the handbike and falls into the ball pit below. Tiffaney is in the lead again as they tackle the teeter-totter and approach the travelator. Both women struggle with the brutal travelator, but finally it is Tiffaney who is able to make it to the end of the Eliminator first with a time of 2 minutes 57 seconds – making her first among the four women who have gone on so far this season!

Brick's Shoulder!Laila Ali speaks with the men as they prepare to face Eliminator. Brick is confident as ever, and Toby is trying to be optimistic and credits his family for inspiring him. Brick will have a 12 1/2 second head start, posing quite a challenge for Toby. Predictably, Brick takes a commanding lead and shows no signs of letting up as he aces the handbike! Suddenly, Brick begins to favor his arm, causing alarm that he may be injured. Toby tries to make up time as Brick struggles with the travelator, but Brick ultimately gets up and finishes first with a time of 2 minutes, 10 seconds. Toby completes the course soon after. As Laila talks to the winner, Brick, he explains that he had actually dislocated his shoulder and popped it back in during the race! Brick takes second place among the four men who have moved on thus far in the season.

Next week on American Gladiators – a tribute to the Incredible Hulk!

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2 Responses to “American Gladiators: Brick’s Triumph!”

  1. Duffer Says:
    June 12th, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    Very inspirational. He did a great job. This show actually has a lot of great success stories like this. A lot of these so-called “charity” cases end up doing a lot better than the average contestants!

    I think there’s another one next Monday, but I can’t remember the details. I’ll have to tune in!

  2. Silveraven182 Says:
    June 13th, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    sweet. i love this show like I love soap opera comic strips. ironically.


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