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David Cook Talks About Post-American Idol Album

May 26, 2008 07:44 AM by Joe Reality

Michael Becker/FOXDuring the American Idol competition, an album by David Cook called “Analog Heart” surfaced on Amazon.com. When asked about his Analog Heart album, David Cook explained, “Analog Heart actually got released independently in May of ’06. I spent a good year just playing out and promoting that record as much as I could. So it got sold and a lot of people, thank God, bought the record. I think I ended up close to selling out like right before I came out. Then about midway through the season, I had to have the record pulled obviously for fairness issues in the show.”

In regards to the album showing up on Amazon.com, David Cook said, “I got it pulled offline and then somebody – I have no idea who – reposted it on Amazon. So while all that was going on, I was kind of at a loss. I had talked to Amazon about getting it pulled and there’s a bunch of mass confusion about it. I’m extremely appreciative of how well it did. I thought that was amazing that it went number one. Yes, I was certainly just kind of a pawn in that whole game.”

When asked about the release date and genre of his first post-American Idol album, David Cook said, “Well, the ideal release date is as soon as possible if you’re asking me, but obviously these things take time. As far as the type of record, it’ll probably be a rock record, but I think that’s a pretty vague generalization. I just want to make a record that’s going to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

Even though David Cook received much praise for his cover songs on American Idol, fans will be able to look forward to originals on his album. David Cook explained, “I just want to put out a record that’s going to be able to stand up on its own long after I’m gone and if I can do that, then I’m set. The covers were great, but I’m ready to get back into the creative process of writing songs and basically kind of baring my soul on these records, so I look forward to it.”

When asked if he might put an Andrew Lloyd Webber-ish type song on his album, David Cook replied, “Well I don’t see myself putting out a record of standards or anything like that. You know, for me I’ll probably end up putting out a rock record just because I feel like that’s the kind of music that I enjoy playing. You know, that was the exciting thing to me about the show. I loved knowing that there were things that I could do that people would never expect that I could do. You know, Andrew Lloyd Webber night was fun for me. I loved the fact that everybody was like, ‘What?’ I’m going to try to recreate that energy within this record. I want this record to have some twists and turns. I want people to feel like they got taken on a trip from beginning to end. I got my work cut out for me. It should be a lot of fun.”

When asked how it felt to so popular on YouTube and iTunes, David Cook said, “Well you know, it doesn’t feel bad. I can’t believe the level of support that has come out of my doing this crazy TV show. All I can do is try to embrace it and make all the effort people are putting in to supporting me worthwhile and that’s going to start with a record and hopefully moving down the road a tour and a lot of success, so the sky’s the limit right now.”

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Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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