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The Bachelorette: DeAnna Cuts Ryan, Chris and Eric!

May 26, 2008 09:42 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Chris-Bachelorette-ABCTonight starts with a limo pulling up outside the mansion, carrying the 15 remaining guys to a waiting Chris Harrison. Chris greets the guys by reminding them about the rules of the show (the dates, the roses, we know the drill by now). Then he lays the big news on them. They won’t be living in the mansion with DeAnna. Only the guys who get the first impression or date roses will be living with DeAnna each week; the rest of the guys will be living down in the bunkhouse behind the mansion (where there’s a cold, outdoor shower with no door or curtain and where the guys surmise much “shrinkage” will be visible for all to see).

The first date tonight is a group date to the Magic Palace, where the group pretty much has the place to themselves, to be titillated and entertained by a host of magicians. Right away tension arises as a magician puts Jason and DeAnna into a box together and “disappears” them. While the rest of the guys sit around mystified, Jason and DeAnna get a little one-on-one time. Though Jason feels out DeAnna’s feelings about kids, he still doesn’t tell her that he has one. Sean tries to grab some serious time with DeAnna, but continually gets interrupted by a “magic piano.” The guys do some tricks of their own to impress DeAnna, but Twilley tells The Neverending Story, boring DeAnna and making some of the guys wonder if he’s really there for the right reasons. In the end, a heart-to-heart causes Paul to receive the date rose for this date. “I think this is going to put a whole new light upon who I am,” Paul says.

The second date tonight is a one-on-one, which goes to Graham (the basketball player she calls “unbelievably smokin’ hot!” and said she had an instant connection with in the premiere episode). DeAnna and Graham look pretty comfortable together, holding hands as they take off for a date on the beach. They try to fly a kite together and get in lots of good laughs. After, they sit on some rocks and get into serious convo, whereby DeAnna learns that Graham’s only had one serious relationship before and he just got out of it! DeAnna’s worried that Graham doesn’t know what he wants, but she sticks out the date and soon, basking in the glow of a bonfire, she’s cuddling with Graham and her fears are alleviated. By the end of the date, not only is Graham wearing the date rose, he’s getting the first kiss with DeAnna as well!

DeAnna comes home from her romantic date to find Twilley waiting in the shrubs, hoping to catch her alone so he can show her what he’s really about (cue creepy stalker music here). He tries to get her to understand that he’s not just about fun and games and a good time. He’s got a serious side, too. But she doesn’t give him the reaction he’s after and he heads back to the bunk house disappointed.DeAnna-Paul-Fred-ABC

The final date this week is a dream baseball date to Dodger Stadium. The guys get to stand out in center field, wear Dodgers jerseys and hear a pep talk from Tommy Lasorda live and in person. Chris sings (butchers) the National Anthem and then it’s on to a Home Run Derby. Each guy gets 10 swings at bat. The guy to hit the most homers wins one-on-one time with DeAnna. Some of the guys hit a couple, most hit none, but Jeremy steps up and hits six out of the park. Not one to waste his precious one-on-one time, Jeremy opens up to DeAnna in dugout privacy, telling her that both of his parents have died. It’s enough to impress: DeAnna gives him the date rose (and to rub salt in the wound… their private moment is projected onto the Jumbotron for all the guys to see). The date ends with a fireworks show, though the only one really enjoying the fireworks is lucky Jeremy.

Meanwhile, at the house, the guys are talking… and confessing. Ryan tells everyone that he’s a virgin and Jason comes clean about his son, Ty.

At the rose ceremony, the guys gang up on Jeremy, who they think is getting too much of DeAnna. Jeremy doesn’t help matters much by telling the guys, “Welcome to our home” when they come in for the ceremony, and also when he steals DeAnna away from Twilley for private time (and smooching) even though he already has a rose. Ron is put off by the fact that Jeremy has a rose again and confronts both Jeremy and DeAnna about it. But DeAnna isn’t having any of the drama, instead suggesting that the guys need to step it up if they’re jealous of Jeremy’s success. When Ryan refuses to let the drama go, DeAnna organizes a push-up competition as a means of settling it. Jeremy gives in early, so he doesn’t further alienate himself from the rest of the guys. In the end, it’s Jesse left gritting out 100 push-ups for some alone time with DeAnna.

It’s time to give out the rest of the roses, and here’s who DeAnna gives them to (in this order):

1st: Ron

2nd: Jesse

3rd: Robert

4th: Brian

5th: Jason

6th: Fred

7th: Sean

8th: Richard

9th: Twilley

(Paul, Graham and Jeremy all received date roses and will be living in the mansion with DeAnna next week).

This leaves Eric, Chris and Ryan out in the cold.

“It hurts,” Eric says, adding that he’s never had to fight for a girl’s attention before. But he’s not going to force-feed himself to anyone if they can’t appreciate what’s on the table.

Chris is ticked, suggesting that DeAnna doesn’t really know what she wants and saying that the perfect guy she’s after just doesn’t exist.

Ryan says, “It’s never fun when a girl tells you no,” but insists that he was the one for her. After all, he says, he was voted Friendliest Person in the 8th grade!

After the guys leave, DeAnna breaks down in tears and has to excuse herself to pull herself together. She just doesn’t like breaking hearts, she says. But she comes back out and offers a toast to the 12 guys left standing. “I believe that one of you are my husband,” she says.

Next on The Bachelorette:

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Jason tells DeAnna about his son.

DeAnna gets some help from Ellen Degeneres.

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Photo Courtesy: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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  1. kantrosak Says:
    May 26th, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    It would be nice if you posted this story after those of us on the west coast have seen it…

    You posted it as soon as it began on the west coast and i accidently clicked onto your site and subsequently ruined my excitement of the show…

    It’s not like you need to scoop anyone… You’re only reporting what happened… WAIT till 11 on the west coast to run your story!


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