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Hell’s Kitchen Louross Takes His Leave!

May 27, 2008 10:05 PM by Lisa Stauber

Hell's Kitchen Louross Edralin
After being subjected to the silliest opening credits on a reality show, Hell’s Kitchen takes us back right where we left off last week. Matt can’t stop apologizing for his poor showing. “I’m sorry I let you down,” he repeats. Corey doesn’t hide her exasperation. “I think he could be better at something else, like a used car salesman,” she says.

The Blue team is not exactly enjoying their new teammate, Jen, either. She’s simply too bossy. All of the team members have one big problem, though, and that’s timing.

Today’s challenge will drill them on it. The chefs must prepare three dishes – but only one chef from each team can be in the kitchen at once. Jen tells Louross to sit this one out, deciding he’s simply too weak to compete. Matt and Petrozza take the first shift. “It’s nerve wracking,” Christina says. “We couldn’t even see what was going on!” She was so anxious, she didn’t even bother to pay attention to Matt’s rundown of his actions. Bobby cooks the middle shift for the Blues, and he’s supremely confident. “Think. Plan. Execute,” he says. “That’s what I do!”

Jen and Corey are charged with finishing up and plating the dishes. Jen’s struggling, though. Ramsay surveys the offerings, and notices that Jen’s scallops are raw. “I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Jen huffs. Blue’s also missing sauces on two plates – and Jen grudgingly admits that “the pan burnt them.” Way to take responsibility! The Red team was hurried, too, and forgot salad and baby leeks. Ramsay ultimately determines that the Reds did marginally better, and sends them to the beach for surfing lessons from Jay Zuma.

The Blues are required to be the Hell’s Kitchen maintenance crew. “I want the red carpet steamed, too,” Ramsay adds. Louross tries to clown around, but Jen’s too busy griping. When the Red team returns from their day in the sun, and walks all over the freshly steamed carpet, it’s the last straw. “Why waste my breath now, talking?” Louross is pouting now. They have a happy, and slightly pink glow about them and could care less about the carpet as they shake the sand off their shoes.

It’s menu night, and each team gets to come up with an original menu for the restaurant. The Red Team comes up with winning combos, but Jen dominates the Blues with horrible dishes. “I’m so happy we’re teammates,” Matt gushes as Ramsay drools over their planned dishes. He is horrified by the Blue’s menu, and after determining it mostly was written by Jen, gives the guys another go at it. “Louross, open up!” he commands.

Ramsay’s satisfied at last, and Hell’s Kitchen is ready for service. Christina and Corey are nervous about their new Red teammate. “You got it Matt?” Christina asks. “You want me to walk you through it?” Matt claims he can cook pasta, so they foolishly leave him to the appetizers. Plate after plate of pasta come back, some uncooked, some too salty. Matt’s sweating like a pig, and finally Corey kicks him off hot apps and Christina takes over.

The Blues are in the weeds, as well. Louross sends out raw meat – three times. The fourth try comes too late as the table leaves on him. Petrozza’s station is a pigsty, as usual, but at least he’s banging out plates. Jen’s in charge of desserts, and she’s a mess, too. “It’s like working in a junkyard,” Bobby says. Jen serves up a raw soufflà for dessert, and Ramsay tells her to turn her stove off. “Why does it have to fall on me?” Jen wonders. Um, maybe because you are in charge of cooking the desserts?

Christina and Corey, meanwhile, are in the zone – and they’re zoning out Matt. Turns out, they work better without him, and the customers seem happier, as well.

Ramsay decrees that the Blue team loses this one. “Petrozza,” he says, “You’re such a dirty pig. You were the sloppy best of the worst.” Petrozza the peacemaker now has to pick two of his teammates for elimination. “It sucks! I hate this part!” he says. He ultimately decides to nominate Louross and Jen, no surprise there. At least Bobby didn’t screw anything up this time, we know he’s safe!

Ramsay does the unthinkable, and tells Petrozza to pick who will leave. Petrozza doesn’t even hesitate. Louross is gone. “I believe Louross lacks the skills to compete at this level,” Petrozza explains. Ramsay sums it up in a trademark low blow. “He was just short,on cooking ability.”

Ramsay throws in another twist. He calls Matt forward, with Jen, to face him. He announces he’s switching their teams, again. The Red team gets Jen back, and the Blues will take Matt back – for another battle of the sexes. Christina and Corey look less than thrilled. We’ll see how their teamwork gets gummed up by Jen’s big mouth!

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Photo courtesy Fox/Patrick Ecclesine

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