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The Bachelorette: Baby Daddy

June 02, 2008 08:33 PM by Christine McDow

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette started with guys moving in and moving out. Two of the three guys in the “Penthouse”, aka DeAnna’s house, moved back into the “Outhouse” aka the bachelor pad complete with the outdoor shower. Jeremy, getting his second single rose got to stay in the mansion and was joined by Paul and Graham. After moving back to the outhouse Richard knows that he is in a tough position.

One-On-One: Richard
After frolicking and playing in her pool, Deanna has the guys deliver a date note to the house. The note is for Richard who is very excited to get to go on a romantic one on one date with DeAnna. On their date they head to dinner on a rooftop that overlooks downtown. DeAnna tells the cameras that Richard is great, but that she isn’t sure there is any romance there and wants to see if they can be more than friends.

Throughout the date Richard is feeling it, but unfortunately for him, DeAnna was not. They were in a carriage being pulled by horses when he was about to lean in for a kiss, prompting her to stop the ride and tell him that she just didn’t feel the romantic connection with him that she would need to marry him. It was clearly hard for her to say it and it was hard to hear. The men back at the house were shocked to see Richard’s bags being carried out of the house.

Campfire Hoedown Group Date
The next date involved all of the rest of the men, except for Jason. Ryan, Sean, Jesse, Graham, Fred, Robert, Twilly, Ron, Paul, and Jeremy all went to a traditional country hoedown complete with line dancing lessons, mechanical bull riding, and a campfire cookout. At one point DeAnna pulled Ron aside in an effort to find out why he felt the need to call out Jeremy on the fact that he was in the house again. Ron tried to convince her that Jeremy was not strong enough for her and that she needed someone better.

Back at the campfire Ron is upset for being called out and tells Jeremy that he lacks tact. Jeremy’s counters by calling Ron close-minded and gets up to walk away. He heads off to DeAnna and while talking to her the menwere back at the camp talking about him. Robert goes as far as to say that if DeAnna is not interested enough to spend one-on-one time with him then he might as well pack his bags.

After Fred sneaks up and scares DeAnna, breaking up her and Jeremy’s alone time, DeAnna heads back to the camp and feels the tension. She can tell that Robert is having some trouble and brings him aside to talk to him about it. He tells her that he hasn’t felt chemistry since the first night and they both agree that they haven’t been able to spend enough time together. He says he is feeling it right then and wants to see where it would go.

After they head back to the fire DeAnna grabs the rose and states that she is giving it to the one person that opened up to her that night. She hands it to Robert who feels a wave of relief and says that it is a turning point.

One-On-One: Jason
Jason’s box was entitled “Reach For the Stars” and he didn’t know what to think when DeAnna showed up to chit chat with them all at the house. DeAnna knew that he would be nervous with Richard going home, so she surprised him by having a helicopter pick them up at the house. They flew over LA and headed to an observatory.

During dinner Jason finally felt the time was right to tell DeAnna about his son Ty. It was obvious that it was important to him and DeAnna honestly shocked him I believe by her reaction to it. She was very open about him having a son and very happy that he shared what he could with her. He then asked her about her mom and she opened up to him on her mother’s cancer, years of illness, and eventual death. She then told him that she had never dated anyone that had asked her about her mom and feelings regarding her death. He asked her why and she told him that they must not be the right guy, and then she gave him the rose.

While in the observatory watching the stars Jason kissed her. It is clear that DeAanna is very smitten.

A Field Trip
The next day DeAnna had yet another surprise for the guys. They all hopped in a limo and headed to the Ellen DeGeneres studio where DeAnna was letting her trusted friend ask the questions and decide who the third rose of the week went to. After a dance contest, a round of very pointed and tough questions, and a contest where the men had to show off in their custom Ellen boxers, Ellen finally decided that the rose should go to Fred whom she found very funny.

Final Cocktail Party
Back at the house that evening for the cocktail party, all the men that did not have a rose were very nervous. DeAnna admitted to being intrigued by Ron, but said that he seemed more concerned about the other guys than he was about her. During their conversation she told him that they had never had a “good” conversation and encouraged him to change that. He seemed a bit tongue tied and was then interrupted by Jeremy. After Ron walked away you could hear DeAnna telling Jeremy, “Thank you.” Right then I think all the viewers knew that Ron would not be getting a rose tonight.

After talking about the possibility of moving to Dallas if she chose Jeremy, DeAanna talks to Graham about the necessity of him opening up to her and telling her how he is feeling. She said that she understands how hard it is being in his position and that she feels like the chemistry between the two of them is definitely present. He agrees to be more communicative and less guarded.

DeAnna then rounded out the night by pulling Jason aside and giving him a gift. Because of how open he was with her about his son, she took it upon herself to have a star named after Ty. She gave him the rolled up document so that no matter what happened he would always have that rare item. Jason welled up and told DeAnna that it was one of the nicest things anyone had ever given to him.

The Rose Ceremony
Before handing out the roses it is clear that DeAnna is still not 100% sure. Finally she makes her decisions however. The men who got a rose included:


That left both Ron and Paul sent packing. Ron said it was fine, that this was about her finding her perfect match and that if that match was Jeremy then he wished them luck. He then had to throw in there however that the pair of them would fail. Paul was visibly more upset and didn’t understand why DeAanna didn’t feel about him the same way he felt about her.

Next week: The next episode promises to have fireworks when a very emotional DeAnna lays it all on the table during a party at the outhouse and tells the guys that if they can’t handle this situation they are in then they can all go home. The guys also write love songs for DeAanna in an effort of expressing their feelings, and race cars to get her attention. One lucky guy will even get to dance with DeAnna to their own private concert.

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