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The Mole Season Premiere

June 02, 2008 09:05 PM by Paulene Hinds

Jon Kelley, the host of The Mole and the 12 players met in Los Angeles, Chile tonight where they got to know each other a little bit and participated in their first challenge.

The competitors – Alex 31, Ali 24, Bobby 25, Clay 32, Craig 30, Kristen 35, Liz 60, Marcie 31, Mark 42, Nicole 32, Paul 29 and Victoria 26 – were given their first task almost immediately and it was based on first impressions. The competitors were told to circle the player on a note card that they believe is The Mole. The person who got the most votes was Marcie and Jon announced that she was going to be the decision maker for the evening.

Jon then proceeded to scare the contestants by telling them a tale of rafters on a German tour that got too close to the edge and went over, meeting their demise. He explained that the players must go over the falls (strapped to bungees) and try to grab a bag on their way down. Six of them will jump for bags full of cash and the other five will jump for bags of paper. Since they all thought Marcie was the mole, she got to decide who jumps for what bag.

Alex was first up and he missed the bag by a long shot. The rest of the contestants immediately stated that he could have done better and said that he must be the mole. Ali was up second and prayed hard before going over and missing the bag herself. Clay couldn’t believe people are missing the bag, went for it himself and was finally successful, nabbing one for the team.

At this point Marcie started realizing that she was missing out because by being separated from the group because she was not able to bond with them all look for clues. She continued to stand with Jon Kelly while Kristen jumped and got her bag. Bobby and Liz were next and both of them were able to grab their bags. Paul got too worried about his daughter laughing at him if he missed the bag and wasn’t able to focus enough leading to another miss for the team. Victoria is up next and missed her bag, but in all honesty she just sat down and didn’t even TRY to grab it.

The next jump was a bit scary and the editors even showed us video of Craig talking about his size being an issue as he tried to jump off the raft. Craig was afraid that the rope would snap and as he lunged for it, he missed it completely. Immediately the bungee pulls on his body and he starts to choke, putting his hands up to pull the suit down and protect him. No one, including the other contestants, was worried about his bag as they all rush to make sure he is okay. The last two to jump were Nicole and Mark and to the teams delight they were both successful in retrieving their bag.

When the money and paper in the bags that were grabbed were tallied, only two players, Clay and Mark, have money in their bags. The team has just $20,000 in their pot of money after the first challenge.

Jon then gave them all a journal to write their observations in as the night, days and weeks went on, in an effort to catch the Mole. Jon told Marcie that since she is still in charge that she gets to pick the four people that will sleep outside that night. Marcie chooses Nicole, Liz, Craig and Bobby, all of whom take it well except for Nicole who proceeded to throw a hissy fit and refuse to sleep so that she can stay in the cabin.

The next morning the contestants got a message from Jon telling them to come and meet him at the beach. Once they arrive Jon asks who they think is the biggest whiner in the group. Everyone agrees that it is Nicole and she asks to be called Dr. Whiner. Jon told them tale of Robinson Crusoe (Alexander Selkirk) and how he whined all the time and was tossed off the ship to the nearest beach. With him he brought only five items to help him survive.

This competition was all about finding the five items that Robinson Crusoe would have brought with him to the beach before the sand (time) ran out. Since Nicole is considered the biggest whiner she gets to pick the positions that the contestants will play. Nicole chose six scavengers, four appraisers and two time keepers for the game of wit. The scavengers went looking for the five items and for each one that the appraisers got correct the team got $5,000.

On the final ring of the bell the players ended up with only three items — a musket, a Bible, and a goat, which made them $15,000 for this competition and a total of just $35,000 in the pot. The players were not happy with the amount they had earned so far and felt that either the Mole was his/her job very well, or they were just all really bad players.

Jon then told them that there will be one person left stranded on the island like Crusoe and everyone including Nicole, knew that it would be her. Nicole tried to make herself comfortable and give into the fact that unless she stayed up ANOTHER night, then she would have to sleep outside. The other eleven players went back to the cabin and tried to figure out who may be the Mole. It created a long evening of note taking, comparisons, and guessing.

After the meal, the contestants in the house took a quiz where they answered the questions based on whom they believed the Mole to be. The quiz was made up of 10 questions about the Mole and the person with the worst percentage of answers correct will be executed. The questions for week one was:

1. Is the Mole male or female?
2. When did they jump over the falls?
3. During the Crusoe mission which group was the mole assigned to?
4. On the first night where did the Mole sleep?
5. Does the Mole have an even or odd number of letters in their name?
6. What is their age?
7. What was the outcome of their jump over the falls?
8. Did the Mole drive a van to the beach?
9. At the start of the Crusoe mission was the Mole wearing a hat?
10. Who is the Mole?

After the quiz the players were waiting for the results and Nicole came on the TV. Jon informed her that they were having the first eviction and that since she was not there, she could not be eliminated. Nicole was happy and the television shut off while the eviction began. When going through the quiz screen the players breathed sighs of relief as their thumb prints turned green. Everyone seemed genuinely shocked and sad when Marcie’s thumb print turned red which made her the first person executed from the game. In her exiting interview Marcie said it was sad to go, but that she was ready to go home and see her family.

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