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Matt’s Loses It in Hell’s Kitchen!

June 03, 2008 10:01 PM by Paulene Hinds

On the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen, the teams are separated once more by sex and Corey and Christina are not thrilled with Jen’s return. The girls don’t trust her or want her to be part of their team. They feel that they have lost a friend and gained an enemy in the switch. Petrozza also is not happy with Matt and feels that Matt is like a hemorrhoid that just won’t go away.

An early morning call has the chefs on the move, although most of them are complaining about it and go back to sleep in the van. They are blindfolded and Chef Ramsay meets them outside on top of the roof of the new London West Hollywood restaurant. The team members each stand behind a silver platter which Chef Ramsay tells them to lift the lid off of and as they discover that the two teams are now one team…team black. Corey and Christina feel it will be a three ring circus in the kitchen now with the merge. Chef brings out two men carrying briefcases with a quarter of a million dollars and tempts the contestants with it telling them that if it doesn’t inspire them to do their best and win the competition, then something is missing. He walks them through the unfinished building, showing them what they are playing for and hoping that this will inspire them to fight for the prize.

They return to the kitchen for the first challenge, which is a very exciting one for Chef Ramsay. Each contestant is to cook a dish with one main meat or fish ingredient, making a dish that is both delicious and innovative while of course meeting his high standards.

After forty-five minutes, the players are told to stop cooking and one by one they are called forward for Chef Ramsay to taste their creations. He is pleasantly surprised that each one of the players has taken great care and thought while creating their dishes. The only negative comment he made to any of them was his disappointment to see that Corey did not use the entire lobster in her dish. One by one he claims that there is a uniqueness in each one of the contestants dishes and feels that this is going to be a very hard decision.

Two particular dishes stand out for him though and they are Christina’s meal which he calls fascinating and refreshing and Jen’s meal which is dangerous and delicious. He declares Jen the winner of the challenge and is so impressed by her sliced Tenderloin, that he is going to add it to his own personal menu. Jen feels that she deserves this win as she has put her whole heart into the dish. The reward for winning this competition is a trip to Vegas and dinner with last year’s winner, Rock. She is allowed to pick one other person to join her on her adventure and she chooses Corey. Corey is less than enthused by being chosen, not wanting to go with her and considers Jen to be fake. Jen on the other hand feels that she will have fun with Corey and although she has had problems with her in the past, she can put her feelings aside.

As Jen and Corey are whisked away in a limo to a beautiful hotel in Vegas, the rest of the team now have to suffer the punishment of “Delivery Day.” Christina takes the helm and begins to take on a command position which irritates some of the team, and puts Matt over the edge. They are exhausted by how much food is being delivered and how many trucks are arriving.

When the ice truck pulls up, Matt begins to whine prompting a response from Christina that his attitude sucks. This starts a shouting match between the two of them about how the other should be sent home. After they have been arguing for awhile, Bobby who can no longer take anymore, joins in and Matt respons by freaking out sharpening knives like a mad man. The entire team stands back from him as they are not sure what he might do and fear for their safety.

In Vegas the girls walk enter the restaurant and meet chef Rock. He gives them a guided tour, chats with the ladies, congratulates them and then gives them the tip that Chef is not looking for the best cook, but the best chef. This inspires the ladies and renews their fire to win the game.

The next day, Matt is in a mood and says that he will not be on the line tonight (normally a sure sign that he WILL be on the line). He states that he will be sending Christina home instead and continues to needle her causing tension in the kitchen.

The two women return and get more of an answer than they wanted when they ask everyone how they are. Matt loses it and begins to cry saying that Christina needs to grow up and subtly threatens to hurt her. The anger is overwhelming and they continue to bicker. Everyone in the room is on edge as Chef Ramsay enters to tell them that they will be cooking for an entire dining room this evening. He separates the team into cooking groups and procedes to put Christina and Matt together on the meat station! Christina is beside herself and states that if Matt starts to go down she will kick him off the station. Matt comments that he just wants to get rid of her.

The menu tonight is extra special as it will feature Jen’s winning Rib eye. Soon into the cooking, Matt’s pan starts on fire and he foolishly begins to blow on the grease, which catches Chef Ramsay’s eye and he belittles him for such stupidity. The next hit is Petrozza and his dirty pigsty dishes and he calls Chef Ramsay a heat seeking missile that seeks out his grubby nature.

In the kitchen Jen continues to see herself as the best chef and then is called on her salty appetizer while Matt seems to be having trouble remembering the food that is ordered, which causes Chef to freak out again. Chef begins to get tired of the lack of communication amongst the two and notices that the team is broken and is not communicating. Christina breaks down and when Chef Ramsay puts her in her place she devises a way to cook the meat faster but got caught. Bobby does the same thing and mixes shell fish with scallops. The guests begin to complain about the food and send it back to the kitchen making the night go from bad to worse.

An hour and a half into the difficult dinner service Corey gets burned which sidelines her. Tempers flare in the dining room while Matt is caught eating the meat off of the plates and then tells Chef he is just tasting his Wellington while the guests are going hungry.

Ramsay continues to yell out the meals required and the team keeps mixing up the number needed. Ramsay asks Matt what is going on in the kitchen and he tells him he doesn’t know while Bobby is able to grasp the amount of food ordered and continues to remain cool and consistent. Chef just wants the meals to keep going out of the kitchen, but the team are unable to cook the food.

Matt then tells the Chef he has a migraine and is too busy being yelled at to know what to do. He feels that he is a team player but that there are no team players around him. Matt tells the team that he wants to go home and he begins to slow down.

Ramsay calls Matt over and tells him that he is giving him a migraine. Ramsay finally kicks him out of the kitchen after Matt says that he has no feeling in his hands.

One by one the team mates get kicked out of the kitchen and the majority of the team mates decide that if Matt stays in the kitchen he will be on the appetizer station. Bobby feels that Matt is the first for elimination and the second person up is Jen for lack of communication. Christina tells the group that she feels that she should go up for elimination because she has messed up so bad.

After a disastrous dinner service Chef Ramsay once again asks Petrozza who is up for elimination. Petrozza nominates Matt and Christina because they were both on the same station and both messed up very badly. Corey interrupts and states that she also screwed up big time and she should be one of the people up for elimination. Chef calls her on it and calls them all forward.

When he asks them why they should stay Matt only whines about his migraine and then tells him that Christina was the worst chef tonight. Chef Ramsay asks her why she should stay as she is so inexperienced and she says that she has made it this far and is getting better. She claims that it is not by her experience, but by her heart that she has done so well and Chef tells her that she should get more experience.

He tells the entire group that he is disappointed and then calls Matt up to be eliminated. Ramsay tells him that he hopes the migraine clears up as he takes off his jacket and leaves. He recites a poem about Matt:

There once was a boy named Matt, whose kitchen performance fell flat, he was far from neat and miserable on meat, so they kicked him out and that’s that!

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Photos Courtesy of Mike Yarish/Fox

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  1. realitytvfan Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 7:22 am

    There was sure some drama going on last night in the show! I was having flashbacks of “The Shining.” At least the rest of the team will be able to sleep with both eyes closed now!!!


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