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It Will Be Tough To Survive In Gabon

June 06, 2008 07:15 AM by Christine McDow

They have just started production of Survivor: Gabon and the production crew are already encountering numerous problems. Some of the issues sound real, scary and dangerous, and other issues make us want to just cry in our Wheaties…boo hoo.

Survivor: Gabon promises to be the most natural shoot considering the land has hardly been touched and hundreds of species of wildlife roam free. However, some are afraid, and rightfully so, that this wildlife can be dangerous. The pre-production crew is currently trying to figure out HOW to keep the contestants safe while allowing the wildlife to come near camp and interact with them.

Other issues they are facing include a delay in getting items needed to Gabon and entire shipments going missing. While the sets needed to create the challenges have arrived, the housing for the crew has not and the crew will be sleeping in tents…at least for the foreseeable future. Rumor has it that a $100,000 worth of food has also gone missing. I guess the natives want to be sure that the whole experience of living in Gabon is realized: by all.

Fans are promised that everything will be straightened out by filming time. We for one cannot wait to see Survivor: Gabon this fall.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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