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The Bachelorette and Her Drama Kings

June 09, 2008 08:53 PM by Christine McDow

Tonight on The Bachelorette we were promised fireworks and fireworks was what we received. Many of the men proved to be very selfish and with some you wondered why they were really there. There were drama kings and there were broken hearts. This was definitely not an episode to miss!

In the beginning Chris explains that there is going to be a one-on-one date, a group date, and the dreaded two-on-one date, and then he tells Robert, Jason and Fred that they will be moving into the mansion to be with DeAnna. To win the one-on-one date with DeAnna the guys are told that they must write a song and sing it to her. The person who makes the biggest impact gets the highly coveted and ONLY one-on-one date of the week. After several laughs and some inner tears (probably both good and bad), DeAnna chooses the only guy who got up close and personal while singing his song, Jesse. She said it was because he made a connection while performing.

The three guys and DeAnna head up to the mansion while the other guys in the outhouse sit around and wait. A little while later there is a knock at the door and a package is delivered for Jesse. In the box is a very formal suit and Jesse immediately states that it is very out of the box for him. In private DeAnna states that she doesn’t want to change Jesse, but that she wants to make sure they will fit.

One-On-One Date with Jesse
DeAnna walks in dressed in blue and they get into a limo to head for a theater. On the marquee DeAnna has had written:

One night only
Just for you
Love DeAnna

Jesse is blown away, states that DeAnna is out of control and he feels very intimidated. They enter the theater and Jesse sees a private table set up for them to eat at. DeAnna asks him to sing his song to her again up on stage since they are all alone. Privately Jesse admits that he needs to lay it all on the line in order to let DeAnna know that he is there for her and that it is time to step up his game. After singing they sit down and DeAnna starts asking him questions about himself, trying to find something wrong with him. Finally Jesse admits that he, like DeAnna, can be very stubborn. Jesse tells her that his feelings are “as real as real can be” and that he would like the rose and would like to get to know her better. DeAnna agrees with him that every time they are together it just gets better and better, and then hands him the rose.

Deanna then surprises Jesse with a private serenade by Natasha Bedingfield and Jesse asks her to dance. They both admit that the night couldn’t have been better.

Group Date
Jesse was on his date with Deanna a date box showed up at the house while gave the guys a hint of what the group date would be, and let them know who was going. Brian, Twilly, Sean, Jeremy, Graham, and Jason were all told to “start their engines.” The brought excitement into the house as the guys couldn’t wait to get going, as well as apprehension as Fred and Robert realized they were going on the two-on-one date and that one of them would be going home.

Deanna piles the guys into a big motor coach and takes them to the race track. The guys are told that they will be racing cars around the track and that the one with the best time gets extra one-on-one time with DeAnna. The guys can’t wait but Sean, who races muscle cars, states that he is in his element and that he is going to win the race. Sure enough Sean does beat the time of all the other guys and gets the alone time with DeAnna. During their alone time they discuss their southern connections, and everything that it gives them in common. Afterwards Sean feels like he is in a great position to win DeAnna’s heart.

After spending time with Sean, DeAnna takes her turn behind the wheel and blows the guys away literally, as she beats all of their times around the track. The guys are very impressed at the rubber she left on the track and they all head off for a BBQ. Jeremy is the first guy to pull DeAnna aside. He wants to make sure that she knows he is still really into her.

After Jeremy and DeAnna finish talking, Graham (drama king number one) takes his turn with DeAnna and refuses to get close to her. DeAnna asks him for a kiss and he states that he doesn’t want to be one of many. Their time together does not end well and leaves DeAnna very sad, hurt and upset.

At the end of the day DeAnna opted to give the one rose that was up for grabs to someone that changed her impression of him on this date. She gives the rose to Sean and Sean states that DeAnna has now found her southern gentleman.

While the guys and DeAnna are racing cars the two-on-one date box arrives. Fred and Robert learn that they both must bring the “recipe of love.” Because of his chef status Robert thinks he has it in the bag while Fred states that he can out romance Robert any day of the week. Robert exclaims that in the end it is all going to come down to who DeAnna kisses on the date.

Party It Up at the Outhouse
Before the two-on-one date the men in the outhouse decide that they want to do something fun and plan a party. They invite DeAnna and the three guys in the mansion. The guys aren’t thrilled with having to share here but DeAnna is ready to go have some fun. However, when they got to the party there wasn’t much fun to be found. DeAnna felt alone most of the time and felt like the guys were just having fun together.

At one point Robert (drama king number two) left the party and DeAnna went to find him. He told her that he felt like she already had her mind made up on the final three and she told him that was not the case. She got upset and told him to go outside with her. Once outside she confronts all of the men. She tells them that she came out to have fun and that they have all broken her heart. Tells them that she knows how they feel and if they do not want to be there and be a part of this, even with the other guys, then they can go home. She then walks away and heads back up to the mansion.

Two-On-One Date
After the party that did not go so well DeAnna had her two-on-one date with Robert and Fred. She was determined to try to put everything that happened behind her. The guys were loaded in a limo and driven to a mansion in the Hollywood hills for dinner with DeAnna. During the dinner both guys got their alone time with DeAnna and both told her how they felt. Robert apologized for earlier and tried to give her a kiss, to which DeAnna turned her face so he could kiss her cheek. DeAnna looked very uncomfortable and later said in private that she did not feel the romance at that point.

The alone time with Fred went a bit better and he seemed very sincere while DeAnna seemed very touched. Afterwards back at a table with both men DeAnna didn’t mince many words or beat around the bush. She immediately told Robert that she had to say goodbye to him and she walked him to the car. In the limo Robert is very dramatically crying and states that he is just not used to rejection and he doesn’t know how she couldn’t feel it with him.

Back at the table Fred is feeling very confident and DeAnna looks crushed when she tells him that she is not giving him the rose either. She states that she was led on and cannot lead him on. DeAnna does not feel the chemistry and doesn’t see a successful relationship forming, but tells him that he has a huge heart and that she is sorry. Fred tells her not to be sorry, to just be happy. He seems to understand and takes it much better than Robert did. Meanwhile, back at the house, the other men are shocked to see both sets of bags disappear.

When DeAnna gets back to the mansion it is only Jason waiting for her. He has her get more comfortable and then sits with her and lets her talk about her feelings from the night. He knows that this is a great bonding time and hopes that it helps her see she can trust him. After a long talk they begin to kiss. The guys in the house are green with jealousy as they all know what type of position Jason is now in.

Cocktail Party
The next day, before heading down to the cocktail party DeAnna and Jason once again kiss in the mansion and he walks her down. They hold hands as they walk in and it is clear that there are uncomfortable feelings growing between the men. Jeremy immediately pulls DeAnna aside wanting to make sure to push the chemistry that they have. He tells her how upset he was at what happened the day before and she states that he is the only one who was with her the entire time.

Brian heads out to get some time alone and opens up a bit about marriage only being once and how it is important to find that special someone. Twilly heads out and lets DeAnna know that he is willing to wait for their time together to build on their connection.

Graham then comes out to lead DeAnna away. DeAnna expresses how hurt she was after their time at the race track and Graham tells her how much it hurt him to see her so upset at the party. He promises to try and forget about the other guys and their conversation ends in a few romantic kisses. Afterwards DeAnna declares an impromptu swimming party, a first for rose ceremony night, where everyone is finally able to relax, let loose, and have some fun.

Rose Ceremony
After a while in the pool Chris interrupts and declares it is time to send one more guy home. Everyone gets dressed and meets back inside. DeAnna hands out roses to Jason, Jeremy, and Twilly. Because both Jesse and Sean already got roses they are safe, so the final rose is going to go to either Graham or Brian. Ultimately the rose goes to Graham. Brian left with no drama and just a simple hug, admitting that having no time in the house with DeAnna coupled with him being so buddy-buddy with the guys that spelled his doom.

Next Week
DeAnna takes the remaining six men on an overnight trip to Palm Springs where Sean, Graham and Jeremy all make their move. Twilly has his last chance to impress…does he take it? But first we get treated to a special “Tell All” episode with DeAnna where we learn about the secrets and feelings behind this entire season.

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