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The Mole: When Pigs Fly!

June 09, 2008 10:51 PM by Paulene Hinds

At the beginning of tonight’s episode Jon Kelley welcomed the players to Metropolitan Park in Santiago, Chile which is built on a mountain. On the top, stood a huge statue of the Virgin Mary. Jon welcomed Nicole back into the fold to the dismay of many of the other players. Nicole had decided that after the first execution she was going to be more quiet and stealthy, but the other players were going to have to see it to believe it.

Jon asked the players to split up into three groups; two that were “goal orientated” and one that looked at life as an “uphill battle.” The players began to discuss who would be in which group and Mark just knew that something would be going up that big hill.

After the teams were chosen, Jon explained that the first mission would be a race to the Summit. He pulled out a bicycle built for two and gave it toKristen and Mark to ride on and then the other nine were told that they would cruise up to the top in a scenic Gondola which takes only ten minutes. If the goal orientated team beat the uphill battle team, then there would be thirty-five thousand dollars added to the pot. The catch: They must earn their ticket to ride by playing a soccer game with one of Chiles best soccer teams. They had to get one goal before they earned their tickets and if Mark and Kristen beat the other players to the top, then no money would be added to the pot and both of them would receive an exemption from the next execution.

Jon handed out the goal orientated team their Mole jerseys and told them to get suited up. Bobby felt that he knew the game better than ninety-nine percent of the other players and was excited. Alex was also excited about the game as he once was on a soccer team himself.

Mark and Kristen took off on the bike and as they began to ride, the chain fell off.

The goal orientated team had to play a twenty minute match and score one goal, but if they couldn’t within the time limit, they would get a chance with penalty kicks. Clay felt that since Alex was on a soccer team that they had some ringers and were looking good.

The Chilean team comes onto the field and THEY ARE KIDS! Craig is afraid and wished that he wore a cup, but Bobby is sure that they will get their goal within the first two minutes and the goal orientated team was pumped.

Mark and Kristen keep going for the exemption. The next time the chain fell off he began to run with the bike telling Kristen that he will carry it on his back if he has to.

As the Chilean team runs circles around the players, Nicole, who is in the goal commented that she was not about to run in dirt to get a ball.

The players realized that the kids were much better opponents than they thought. As the players continued to try and get one goal Bobby began to complain about being tired and couldn’t do it anymore. Ali was frustrated with him and called him a whimp.

Mark and Kristen continued to climb the steep hill. She knew that Mark wanted the exemption and Mark thought that she may be the Mole. He was concerned but felt that it was to his benefit if she was the Mole.

At the game, Craig ended up kicking the ball directly into their own goal, while Paul began to drag down and at one point was coughing up fluid on the ground. Liz was afraid he was going to cough up a lung.

After twenty minutes and no goal the players got to have their penalty kicks. Alex was first up and missed the goal, which caused some raised eyebrows amongst the players. Ali went up next and she kicked one for the team bringing about cheers!

The players then had to get to the gondola together as a team. They started out okay, but after a lot of squabbling, they got separated. Alex and Victoria charged ahead while Craig and Liz moved at a snails pace. Paul felt that Liz was being crafty by complaining that she was going to pass out and it would be a great Mole move.

As Mark and Kristen forge ahead, they are surprised by Jon Kelley sitting along side the road, under an umbrella. He welcomed them to come and join him and have a drink of lemonade. He offered to let them make the rest of the journey in a taxi, but they would have to give up five thousand dollars out of the current pot. Mark decided that they were not going to take the taxi and was actually provoked that Jon would try to tempt them with the offer.

Alex, Victoria and Nicole were the first to arrive at the gondola and were only minutes from the Summit. Clay stayed behind to look for Ali, Paul, Bobby, Craig and Liz. Finally the last of the goal orientated players arrived at the gondola just as the first group reached the Summit, but in order for them to keep Mark and Kristen from receiving exemption, the whole team must cross the finish line together. As they all arrive, Jon says, you start as a team and you finish as a team. The group looked around to see if Mark and Kristen had arrived and looked quite happy with themselves. Jon asked the group why he didn’t hear the thrill of victory from the team and he heard the dissention in the ranks. Paul told him that he would be happy just to hear if they got to the top first and Jon made them wait no longer, calling out Mark and Kristen’s names. At first it seemed like the goal orientated team was victorious, but then, Mark and Kristen appear. Liz was upset by the loss of money and the fact that her odds for execution were now much greater by the two exemptions they had just won. Jon told the team that Kristen and Mark were pure road warriors. Paul asked Jon if it was possible at the end of the game that they could owe ‘him’ money which brought about some laughs from the group.

The team gathered themselves up and went back to their rooms. Victoria was very upset by losing the money and she felt that if everyone wasn’t arguing then they would have done better. Paul complained that no one knew how to play soccer and when Bobby asked who kicked the ball the farthest Paul began to argue with him and tease him about his lack of ability. Victoria was upset that Paul was attacking Bobby as he wasn’t that great of a player himself. Nicole just took everything in and was happy to have Paul off her back for once. Craig felt that if Bobby was faking it would be a good strategy for the Mole to sabotage the mission.

After an emotionally charged night the players left the bustling city of Santiago and went to the peaceful countryside of Pomaire. They drove to a pig arena where they were overcome by the stench of pig manure. Nicole commented that she loved pigs as long as the are cooked right. The area was the home of beautiful hand made pottery, especially piggy banks. Jon explained to them that one of the town potters had lost 50 of her precious little pigs and the only clue she had was a ransom note which stated that the pigs were hidden throughout the town and the day that she would get them back would be the day pigs fly and it was signed El Topo which means, The Mole. The days mission was to find the pigs and as Jon commented, bring home the bacon! The group was split up into three groups of three and one group of two, Liz and Paul. The two groups of three were called the “ham it up” groups and had to go into town to find the clay pigs that had the Mole’s green thumb print on the bottom of them. They had to bring them back to the pen and with a sling shot make pigs fly. The “bring home the bacon” team of Liz and Paul had to catch the pigs in a blanket. For every pig that they returned and safely got into the blanket, they would earn one thousand dollars for the pot. One pig was already there so they immediately earned one thousand dollars. The two potters had to time the group and they would make twelve pottery pigs like the one they were searching for in one hour. The players had until that time to get the pigs safely home. The last tidbit of information Jon gave them was that there would be one more exemption given in the mission today.

When the mission began the teams ran toward the town. They hadn’t gone far when Bobby’s legs began to tire and Craig told him to get into the wheelbarrow making Kristen push him!

The groups frantically searched through the stores and Mark tried his best by asking people for help, but to no avail. Alex however, spoke fluent Spanish and the help was coming to him like rain in a bucket. Alex was very self assured. Nicole commented that it was like the pigs were falling out of the sky. Craig’s team came into the stores last and began searching for pigs, but the store owner tried to tell them that the pigs were gone and they didn’t understand. Bobby sat in the wheelbarrow and said hello in Spanish to people passing by. Kristen said he gets the academy award for Mole behaviour.

As Alex’s group began to run back with the pigs, Bobby offered to lighten the load for them and take the pigs back, but Alex refused as he didn’t want his pigs disappearing. Nicole commented that the Mole would like to see that happen. Meanwhile, Mark’s group ended up lost and running around in circles.

Back at the pig arena, Liz and Paul chat until Paul noticed that there was something inside the pig. Liz commented that it was probably a coin for good luck, but Paul continued to poke at it until he couldn’t take it anymore and smashed the pig against the wall, losing one thousand dollars for the pot, but in return he received a reward of exemption.

Alex’s team returned and began to sling shot the pigs to Liz and Paul. They didn’t do very well until Craig came in and thanks to his summer camp balloon tossing days, they ended up with twenty-eight pigs in the blanket, earning them twenty-eight thousand dollars for the mission. In total they have sixty-three thousand dollars in the pot.

Back in their rooms, Bobby went through Alex’s journal surprised that he would leave it laying around. The group had a little down time and then headed off to dinner.

At dinner Jon explained that Kristen, Mark and Paul all had exemptions while the rest of the group wasn’t safe. Mark still felt nervous about the quiz.

The quiz consisted of 10 questions about the Mole:

1. Is the Mole male or female?

2. In the race to the Summit, how did the Mole arrive at the Summit?

3. Did the Mole earn an exemption in the race to the Summit?

4. In the race to the Summit, which group did the Mole join?

5. At the start of the “When pigs fly” mission did the Mole grab a wheelbarrow?

6. How many Mole pigs did the Mole’s “ham it up team” find in Pamaria?

7. What did the Mole do after returning from Pamarai?

8. Did the Mole wear protective head gear?

9. Was the Mole transported in a wheelbarrow for the majority of the time?

10.Who is the Mole?

At the end of the evening the group met at the largest cemetery in Chile, a fitting location for the next execution. Jon went through Clay, Alex, Victoria, Bobby and Liz’s quiz results. In the end, Liz’s screen turned red, making her the second person executed from the game. Liz felt that she had done very well in the game and her fondest memory was when she went over the falls and grabbed the bag of money. She joked that she loved every minute and wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars, well maybe a million!

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