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Hell’s Kitchen: Bye Bye Bobby!

June 10, 2008 08:16 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last week was the great merge, and now the contestants are all part of the same team. Everyone is glad to see Matt go, and now the contestants want to get rid of Jen and her attitude. Christina and Corey both agree in a late night chat fest that Jen is going down. Nice to see them finally getting along! This week, the team falls apart as the competition gets fierce.

The Challenge
Chef Ramsay announces a new special – Lobster Spaghetti. He shows them how to make it, once. Then he announces that the contestants will be required to… teach cooking school. “That’s the essence of becoming a great chef, becoming a great teacher,” Chef says. They’ll have to teach one student to make a dish.

The students are housewives, and they come dressed in high fashion,complete with purse dogs. They’re not exactly domestic. “I’ve never made pasta in my life,” one housewife says. “I’ve heard about it.” Boy, these chefs have their work cut out for them! They guys are very distracted by the women’s assets, but Bobby is fed up when his student squeals when cooking the lobster. Jen is cheating every moment she can, sneaking the knife away from her housewife.

Petrozza’s student made the pasta too thin. Christina’s student makes a great meal, and Bobby’s squeamish housewife fares badly. “It tastes like a dog’s dinner,” Ramsay tells her. Corey’s student cooked the pasta perfectly, Jen’s student didn’t do so well, despite Jen’s meddling.

Ramsay declares Christina the best teacher. The losers must clean, including emptying the fryer and scrubbing the ovens. Christina gets a private lunch with Chef Ramsay, personally cooked by Mark Peel and Ben Ford, leading restaurateurs in Los Angeles.

As soon as Christina leaves, the other contestants start tearing her down. Corey thinks it’s unfair that Christina gets lucky, and pouty Jen gripes the whole time. She slips over to eavesdrop while “cleaning”, then picks at the leftovers. Christina starts trying to get the prep done, but the other two girls are so jealous that they hate Christina more with every word she says.

The Dinner Service
It’s a big night in Hell’s Kitchen, with a total of 36 dishes on the menu and only 5 chefs. After a pep talk, Ramsay gives the order. “JP, open Hell’s Kitchen!” he says. It’s a full house tonight, with 120 customers.

JP walks into the door, and Ramsay even has harsh words for him. Nobody escapes his mouth! Christina begins the night dropping a couple of appetizers. She gets a few compliments from Ramsay on her spaghetti, it must be tasty! Bobby’s on meat, and he can’t even cut it right. Then it’s burned and untrimmed.

Jen’s got the fish station, and she’s serving it up raw. Jean Philippe overhears the problem, and desperately tells his waiters to push the meat. He has no faith in Jen’s cooking ability, but it doesn’t look like Bobby’s serving up anything better. JP goes back to his waiters, begging them to push the chicken. At least somebody’s looking out for the diners!

Ramsay yells at Jen for bringing the fish up too early, but she wasn’t responsible. Petrozza’s the one who gave the dish to Ramsay. Jen tries to defend herself, but Chef won’t listen. The kitchen is finally moving, and then a table of twelve arrives.

Getting twelve dishes out at the same time is challenging enough, but getting twelve dishes ready and passing Ramsay’s standards is downright impossible. But it’s Ladie’s Night Out for the group, and the food must be perfect! Christina and Corey are working their fingers to the bone and come together to get all twelve hot appetizers out. Now they move on to desserts. They hate each other, but boy, do they work well together!

Now it’s Jen and Bobby’s turn in the hot seat. They try to serve up more raw food, and neither one can do anything right. Ramsay kicks Jen off her station and cooks the fish up himself. Petrozza steps into the firing line by stopping up the vegetable progress. Bobby’s stove is on fire, and Ramsay’s fed up. “This is crunch time. The gloves are off!” Jen declares. I hope her cooking steps up to match her attitude! The table of twelve gets fed, and they love the food. Service is complete!

The Elimination
“There’s only one individual who stood out tonight,” Ramsay says. “Christina.” She’s done it again, and she’s the best of the worst. It’s her turn to pick two for elimination. Christina consults Corey and Petrozza, and makes her selections. When it’s time to face Chef Ramsay, Christina puts up Jen, mostly for her attitude. Her second nominee is Bobby, for being inconsistent.

“You take criticism, and you shut down,” Ramsay tells Jen. “I don’t know if I can work with that any longer.” Bobby tries to kiss up to Chef, but Ramsay won’t hear it. Ramsay gives the choice to Christina, and she thinks Jen should go home. Ramsay gets rid of Bobby. So much for being the “Black Gordon Ramsay”, as Bobby bragged in the first episode!

Reality TV Magazine’s poll today revealed our viewers think a girl is likely to cry first tonight, with Jen and Christina being waterwork favorites. But for the first time ever, no one cries tonight! Stay tuned next week, though, when the Final Four become a lucky threesome!

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