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Celebrity Circus’ Over the Big Top Premiere!

June 11, 2008 08:56 PM by Candace Young


The Celebrity Circus premiere gets underway with fireworks, music, and loads of fanfare. Ringmaster Joey Fatone appears and says that many of the stars have received injuries, even broken bones, but all of them are there to compete for viewers’ votes tonight! He introduces the celebrities, Antonio Sabato Jr., Rachel Hunter, Wee Man, Stacey Dash, Christopher Knight, and Janet Evans – and then it’s time to get the show on the road!

Antonio Sabato Jr., age 36, is first up! Known for his acting, particularly on soaps, he says that in the past, he had family members who were part of the circus – so it’s in his blood! As he reflects back on his training, he says it was a real challenge – and scary! Antonio is doing the Silks first, and he explains it is the most difficult thing he has ever done physically. As he prepares to perform with circus entertainers Sebastian and Shannon, the crowd goes wild. Soon he is flying thorough the air on the silks, ethereal and effortless is the impression he gives! He lifts Shannon while suspended upside-down, and performs a mock-battle with Sebastian. The audience loves it. Antonio finishes and points out his mom among the viewers.

Joey Fatone introduces the judges – Amelia Catz, Mitch Gaylord and Louie Spence. Amelia tells Antonio that he looked hot! Mitch admires his training and hard work – saying his act was fantastic! Louie calls it a strong, masculine performance. The scores are 7, 8, and 8 giving him an average of 7.7 from the judges, which counts for 50% of the overall score. Viewers’ votes will count for the rest!

Former Supermodel Rachel Hunter is set to perform next. She explains that she grew up as a gawky child, and to be doing this kind of thing is amazing! She describes how difficult the training was for her – the spinning, the dizziness, the terrible fear of falling!

Rachel begins swinging on a huge hoop. She is 50 feet above the mock-runway as Britney Spear’s “Gimme More” blasts! She spins, she turns upside-down, she even poses with a circus entertainer hanging on either side of her. Soon, she is hanging by only her legs – and still spinning! The audience shows their appreciation as she spins slowly to her conclusion. Joey comes over to speak with her, and she comments on what a fantastic experience this has been.

It’s the judges’ turn to weigh in now. Amelia tells Rachel that she could have been faster and could have done more tricks. Mitch says she may not have been gifted with natural ability – but she performed like she was! Louie praises her efforts, but also agrees that some more choreography would have been nice. Her scores are 6, 7, and 7 – giving her an average of 6.7 from the judges.

Next up, from Jackass, is Wee Man. He tells Joey Fatone that he doesn’t really have fear – he just gets excited! He will be performing in the Wheel of Death, which admits is difficult even for a self-professed daredevil! Joey Fatone explains that the Wheel is so dangerous it was banned from the circus for 20 years!

Set to “Cum on Feel the Noize” by Quiet Riot, Wee Man gives it his all, running inside the wheel, then risking his life 40 feet above the ground – on the outside of the Wheel of Death! The audience screams, and jaws drop, as he safely completes his performance. Amelia tells Wee Man she is very impressed, Mitch says Wee Man showed discipline and involved the audience, however Louie says he never felt the suspense and the audience jeers. His scores are 8, 7, and 5 – giving him an average of 6.7. Wee Man says it just makes him want to work harder next time!

It’s time for the next performance. It’s actress Stacey Dash from “Clueless”. Stacey tells how she came into the circus training very afraid of heights and wanting to conquer her fear. She learned the Trapeze Bungee, but during training she broke a rib! The doctor recommended that she take time off, but she refused!

Joey Fatone introduces Stacey, and the lights come up to show her dramatically bungeeing through the air on her trapeze to the sounds of “Shut Up and Drive” by Rhianna. High above the audience she gives an electric, exciting and sexy performance, absolutely wowing the crowd with her daring! The judges opinions are up next. Amelia tells Stacey she looked great and did a great job! Mitch says ‘”Wow, an amazing performance!” Louie, in turn, goes wild over her performance! The scores are 8, 8, and 8 – giving her an average of 8 – the highest score of the night!

Grammy-nominee Blu Cantrell is the next performer of the night. She says she came into Celebrity Circus expecting to have a lot of fun – and was surprised by how hard it actually turned out to be. Blu is doing the Spanish Web. Her trainers complained that she wasn’t big on working, and Blu admitted that she got nauseous and felt sick often!

Joey introduces Blu on the Spanish Web. She performs with another entertainer named Sasha, and impresses the crowd with her spinning on the rope high above the ground! She has beautiful form, and exhibits great upper body strength as she handles the Spanish Web, seemingly with ease. As she finishes, Joey asks if she is going to throw up on him. Blu laughs and says ‘no’. Amelia is the first judge to weigh in, and she isn’t impressed that Blu didn’t climb the rope herself. Mitch says it wasn’t exciting enough for him – it was missing pizzazz. Louie asks Blu to show him more ‘fierceness’ next week – like the diva he knows she is! The scores are 4, 6, and 4 – giving her an average of 4.7 – the lowest score of the night. Blu says it’s bullcrap, and she did great for only eight weeks of practice!

As Ringmaster Joey tells viewers that the celebrities make it look pretty easy, two of the circus performers come out and carry Joey over to the Spanish Web and tie it around his ankle. As he spins upside-down by his ankle, Joey concedes that it is not easy at all!

Christopher Knight, best known as Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch, age 50, is up next. He says when he first saw the German Wheel he thought it looked like a piece of cake! Soon, he was in the hospital with a fractured arm! The circus trainers decided that with a broken arm, Christopher’s best bet was to move to High Wire. Christopher says he pushed himself to the physical limit!

Joey introduces Christopher, and he begins his walk across the high wire, where he is soon met by a girl, suspended from the ceiling, who blindfolds him! He continues on, and much to the audiences’ delight, makes it to the platform on the other side. There, he takes the girl onto his shoulders and starts out across the high wire again! There is hardly a viewer breathing as he determinedly makes his way to the other side. The crowd erupts as he safely arrives on the platform! The judges speak up next. Amelia notes that it was a little short on showmanship, but he did a great job. Mitch compliments his focus and intensity, and Louie says it is very difficult to do the high wire – let alone at age 50, with a broken arm, blindfolded and with someone on your shoulders! His scores are 6, 7, and 7 – for an average of 6.7 from the judges.

Olympic gold-medal swimmer Janet Evans is getting her shot in the circus next. She says she might be athletic, but she didn’t know what she was doing when it came to choreography and the whole ‘graceful, sexy’ thing!

Joey introduces her on the Trapeze. She performs to Pussycat Dolls’ version of “Tainted Love”, and wows the crowd with her tricks and acrobatics with her co-performer on the apparatus! Looking slightly unsteady at times, she completes her act, even diving off the trapeze at the end! Amelia tells Janet ‘bravo’, Mitch says more fluidity would be desirable, but she’s quite an acrobat. Louie also urges her to work on her co-ordination, but says she might be the dark horse of the competition! Her scores are 8, 7, 7 – giving her an average of 7.3 from the judges!

Joey reminds viewers that the voting lines are now officially open – and next week, based on the judges’ and viewers’ scores, one of the celebrities will be going home! The premiere episode ends with Stacey Dash in the top spot and Blu Cantrell at the bottom of the leader board! “Goodnight from the Big Top!”

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